Thursday, May 12, 2016

CCM Week 4 (Erin)

Mom, I totally forgot to say Happy Mothers day on Sunday, so yeah....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

I am in the CCM choir here with the rest of my district. We all love to sing! We sang yesterday for devotional. Next week we get to sing the EFY medley, which I love, love, love!!! Singing hymns in Spanish is the absolute best! We sang I Need Thee Every Hour yesterday and it sounded so much more powerful in Spanish. 

Today is my second to last p-day here, how crazy is that! 

For the last two weeks here our district is only supposed to speak in Spanish. We have not been doing so hot, but our teachers have set up a game for us to help. Each day we have to pick a person in the district to be the latino of the day and they are not allowed to speak any english. The teachers have to try and guess who the latino is each day and if they get it wrong we all get chocolate. Monday was my day and it was actually a lot of fun, hard though. The idea is that EVERYONE speaks spanish, so it's hard to pick our the latino, but we are still working on that. 

I love my teachers. I'm older than probably all of them, but they are just amazing. Super entertaining and so helpful with everything. Hermano Gomez and Hermana Guiterrez teach us in the morning. Hermano Gomez is on an online radio show, spanish of course, but he told us he would do a shout out for our district, 12A. Hermano Hernandez and Hermana Montoya teach us after lunch and they are just hilarious. 

    We get new missionaries every tuesday and wednesday. Every week its more and more. They are supposed to have between 600 and 700 missionaries here in the summer! We are the host district so every wednesday we get to show the new missionaries to their casas and welcome them. stuff like that. Its pretty great. 

I spend almost all my time in classrooms studying lessons or language. I base time off of when the next meal is, haha. Ive tried mulitiple times to catch or at the very least pet one of the gorgeous birds here, but no such luck. There are green little parakeets everywhere and I love them to death. 

Okay I honestly can not think of anything else. I will send pictures from last weeks  trip outside the gates to get green cards. Mexico city is amazing!

Love you all!!!!
Hermana Enright

Here is how Hermana Hawkins, Hermana Sullivan, and I briefly celebrated May 4th. 

 Really, really old church that I super wanted to explore, but oh well, this was as close as the car got.

  A random, statue or monument. There is definitely a lion statue at the base, so thats pretty sweet

 I have no idea what this is, but it looked really pretty.

Basically the prettiest museum EVER!

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