Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Mother's Day again (Amik)

It was good to see you guys yesterday.  What meeting was Kegan ready to go to? And when is Rhys's interview again?  This last Saturday we had a lesson with Melissa again and taught her the Word of Wisdom like I said.
For fellowship there we had Jacob, the one leaving on a mission next year.  We also had a Sister who returned from her mission a few weeks ago.  She knew Melissa in high school and now, next week, is going to take her to the YSA ward. 

Right now we have been playing chess, like I said yesterday, and we started playing with Jacob after we gave him a blessing.  Also,  we have been able to find a lot of actually good potentials.   So far, in every area I have been, the iPad area book has had a ton of potentials, but they are such bad notes.   Like "nice lady", or "man with cool mustache".  Now I just really need to make sure that I never make such bad notes.   There needs to be a way to make sure no missionaries leave such bad notes.  Also, you have the missionaries that decide to
make a record for every single person who they talk to even if a person says they are not interested. You have other missionaries that never want to delete anything so you have these files with a name and no address, no number, and no background information.   

Alright, got to go,   But GOOD job! On graduating Aislin!  My little sister is all grown up and saving China!!!!!

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