Monday, May 30, 2016

Humility, Love, and Hard Work (Erin)

I honestly have no idea where to start! I have so many stories.

My area here in Puebla is Xonacatepec, which is so much fun to say. The members here are AMAZING! So strong and so willing to help. Also, super patient with me and my español. Man, nothing is quite as humbling as having to talk and teach people in a language you can´t speak. I can tell it is getting easier, but so slowly! I have to remind myself to have patience daily! 

My favorite part about this work so far is how important it is to love others. The members, or investigators and it is definitely the ONLY thing I can definitely convey to people right now. Especially since we hug almost every single hermana or hermanita. The kids here are incredible! They are super receptive to the gospel and so friendly. There is one recent convert family here ( I think they were baptized in March) that I absolutely love! The parents are Liliana and Juan Luis. They have two kids, Swami and JuanDiego. JuanDiego is hilarious and always wants to participate in the lessons or say a prayer. Swami is just plain adorable and I love her name. 

Our ward mission leader is Hermano Samuel. He loves his calling and ALWAYS makes sure we are okay. Punctualidad is super important to him and he always tells the story about Abraham and Isaac and asks "What would have happened if the angel had been late? Well, we wouldn´t have the 12 tribes of Isreal!" Haha. Seriously, I´ve heard it about 3 times already. 

One of my favorite things ever that we do as missionaries is teach English class! I did it once last week and it was so rewarding. So many people here are trying to learn English! And so many people in the ward already speak a little. The other day at a lunch appointment, the father of the family welcomed me to his home in English and I almost cried. It was so kind and so many of the people here are always patient with my Español because they are going through the exact same thing with English. I LOVE IT! The other day when we were walking home from the store, this guy stopped us and asked if I spoke English, because it´s super obvious I´m not from around here. So we stopped and talked to him and I got to contact him in English! Goodness it felt nice to know that I can totally handle myself in that situation. The only problem with other times is that I can´t speak Español. 

Contacting is definitely a little different than I thought. We never just go knock on doors. There are so many people out and about during the day, we just talk to them. On Saturday we talked to a guy named Joaquin. I think we stood in the rain for like 45 minutes talking to him about the gospel. He was super interested and asked a lot of questions. In the end we gave him a Book of Mormon, which he was hesitant about taking at first. He asked if we had ever read Harry Potter and we both told him we loved Harry Potter, but the Book of Mormon was better! Haha. 

Okay, one more story. Yesterday was super hard. We had been fasting, so I was super hangry and not happy with how the day was going. Contacting has not been my favorite thing and yesterday we had a meta of contacting 35 people! By 6:30ish we were heading back home so we could finish studying and we only had like 24. BUT, I had eaten and so I felt so much better and figured we could really try to make our meta. We stopped a few couples in the street and then we passed this group of teenagers and one of them shouted at us and said "Hola sisters, my amigas!", so we turned around and we went back to the group and talked to all 11 of them. The kid that had called out to us had met missionaries before and was working on his English, so we invited them all to English class. It was a great experience and not only did we meet our meta, but we were over by 10 people! Heavenly Fahter truly blesses our hard work!

I love it here so much! Some days are super hard, but it is going by so quickly and I pray hard every night to have a better attitude about the work and to love it. 

We had a zone conference the other day and the sisters in the mission will be wearing pants now during proselyting hours because of the mosqitos! CRAZY!

Love you all so much!
Hermana Enright. 

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