Monday, May 9, 2016

Oh mi buenoness! (Erin)

    I don´t even know where to start! The days and weeks are blending together and I can´t believe I only have two weeks left at the CCM! Our p-day was moved to today (Friday) because all of us who are staying in Mexico had to go get green cards. That was fun! It was basically a slightly friendlier DMV. The best part was watching all the kids running around, because I definitely feel deprived of any social interaction with kids here. There are a few who live on the CCM grounds, but I don´t get to see them often enough. One of the little kids here though wears different character costumes all the time. He has Spiderman and Darth Vader for sure and will go around "shooting" all the missionaries. It´s stinkin adorable. ANYWHO, green cards took twice as long becasue one of the elders didn´t get his passport and everyone thought they had forgotten it, but when we all got back in the car he found it in his bag, so he had to go back, haha.
    One of my absolute favorite things we do at the CCM is TRC! It´s training resource center and we just get to teach volunteers from the city. So far we´ve taught mostly members and it is seriously the best thing ever! Our practice lessons with our teachers as investigators can be hard sometimes because I know them, but these volunteers are the real deal and it is so powerful. 
    Um...Elder Pedro (district leader) taught us all how to do the Haka a few weeks ago. Sunday is movie night and we got to watch The Testaments, which I love!!! It´s just so entertaining! Oh and the other day we watched a talk by Douglas Callister called "Your Refined Heveanly Home", which was definitely inspiring. I´m so grateful that my parents taught me how to treasure good books and movies and music. Seriously, I´m glad my mother forced me to sit on the couch for a half hour during quite time and listen to Vivaldi or Mozart when I was little. Definitely a good idea. 
    I feel like I never have enough time to write everything! But most of it is just too wonderful to put in words. I love this place and though Spanish is constantly frustrating, I´m learning to be patient with myself and know that as long as I am doing my best, everything will work out in time. I LOVE ESPAÑOL! It is such a pretty language! I love listening to the people here. They are so expressive in everything they do! Goodness I love people. 
    I love this gospel with all my heart and completely believe in the Plan of Salvation. God is our Father in Heaven and he loves us all so much. I cannot wait to go be part of other people´s lives in Puebla! What a blessing and what an adventure! I am sure that when all is over and done with, I will be leaving part of my heart here in Mexico.

I love and miss you all! Never stop writing :)
Erin...Hermana Enright!

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