Saturday, May 28, 2016

Puebla (Erin)

Well, I´m officially in Puebla now!

It stinks like the sewers pretty much everywhere and no one speaks I bit of english. It´s definitely very different even from the CCM. I´m trying to hold it together for now, since I´ve only had like 2 or 3 breakdowns since I got to the CCM and I would really rather increase super drastically. 

Yesterday our distrito had our farewell powerpoint that the CCM does each week for the distritos leaving. They ALWAYS sing "God Be WIth You Till We Meet Again" and it´s siempre every. single. verse! Luckily (tender mercy for sure) the lyrics cut off on the screen after only two verses, so we didn´t have to finish. I could barely make it through those verses without bawling like a baby. Afterwards we had a testimony for solo our distrito. That was a mess. EVERYONE was crying and Elder Pedro sang a verse of "Love at Home" in Tongan (that doesn´t look right..) and it was so amazing!  We did the Haka one last time together for one of the leaders and then that was it. We said goodbye, which by the way is super duper awkward when you can´t hug people! I completely loath it! You just get to stand there and shake their hand for longer than normal. 

When we got back the casa, Hermana Eastman broke the key to her closet, as in half of it stayed IN the key hole! So we had to call maintance and that took forever because they weren´t even in the CCM at, what, 10:30? So we ended up packing till midnight and then we got up at 4:30 and got on a bus which took us to another bus and then we drove through possibly the prettiest hills on earth! It really looked like something right out of Jurassic Park! 

We got to meet our Mission President and his wife and they are both wonderful human beings! We got new companionships and then seperated! My new compañera is Hermana Sanchez and she is already amazing and awesome and helpful and patient and all that good stuff. My house is so teeny tiny and I´m really not sure it would hold up during an earthquake, but whatever. Hermana Sanchez took me shopping and that was quite the experience. It´s about 17.5 pesos to an american dollar, so...yeah. I´m not used to that and it´s super stressful watching that number go above 200 or 300. 

This work is so hard sometimes, but I know without a doubt that it is worth is and someday I will be able to speak Español!
Con amor, Hermana Enright

 CCM District 12A; Elder Pedro, Elder McCurdy (McPollo), Hermana Robinson, Hermana Harned, ME, Hermana Eastman, Hermana Sullivan, Hermana Jefferies, Hermana Hawkins

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