Saturday, May 28, 2016

Results of Transfers (Amik)

Both Elder Welker and I are staying for this next transfer.  This week has been kind of slow besides the results that we both get to stay.  We did have district meeting so they is a district photo of the two old districts that meet in the Banning building.  I forgot to mention last time, but I did get my birthday package the day after my
birthday.  Those are some nice ties.  Who ever bought them has a fine taste in ties.  Also, these last few days we have been trying to find a lot of investigators since our teaching pool is slowly drying up. Of the main things that we have been working on is trying to find people when we walk around parks and stuff, but since it has been kind of cold lately, around 75-ish 😎, nobody is out much.   S we have been going though our potential investigator lists on our iPads and finding that way.

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