Monday, May 9, 2016

Two churches (Amik)

Alright, This week is going great.  One of the things that I have noticed on my mission is the importance of member referrals.  3 of the 4 baptism that I have been a part of have been member referrals. Another thing is how there is definitely the Holy Ghost helping us find people to receive the message.  It is like when we work with people that need a lot of work and then we get one that is ready, eager to learn and committed. Now we are really working on finding since we have a lot of people that seem to be going no where and might be being dropped soon. 

Anyway on Sunday we went to a different church.   One of our investigators asked if we could go with him since he was invited  by a friend.  We were fine going in because we assumed it was going to be a half hour.  At the most it was going to be an hour, or do we assumed.   It was 2 1/2 hours long in one long rectangle room in the same chairs.  The first hour was almost a mini Jesus centered rock concert.   We then got taught by two preachers.   From what it looked like one is soon going to replace the other as the head preacher. One of the things I thought was interesting was when the older preacher talked about how he had a lot of antique cars, but he can love them since the love of money was the sin.   It seemed to be exactly what our investigator was looking for to fix his itching ears. There was a lot of yelling for effect.  The younger preacher liked yelling "Hello!" too when he read something that he was expounding on.

Also, that day we had a lesson with Melissa.  She is currently our most progressing investigator, as well as the newest.  This Sunday she bought a notebook and had orange post it notes in her set of scriptures so that she knows how long it will take her to read and she has been doing cross referencing.  Also, when we asked about how much she knew about the first vision, we found out that she has read all of Joseph Smith History.    She is doing great!! 

 Also, we found out that a member that we were working with has met with the bishop and now is planning to serve a mission. So  Jacob shaved  his beard and is going to get his patriarchal blessing next week.  This is the guy that I was working with in my last area and then moved he to this area with his grandma. Since that move he has made a lot of improvement and now he is going on mission!!! Next year when he is ready and financial able.

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