Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jun 13, 2016 Progessing Investigators are the best! (Erin)

Where to be begin....

Okay, so this week we have really been working hard with Familia Ruiz and Jesús. Familia Ruiz really relies on us. They express constantly their love for us and the attention we give them. This week their only mode of transportation got stolen. A motorcycle, which apparently they can all fit on (5 guys on a scooter). We took Andros and Erika to a baptism and they both got asked multiple times when they´re getting baptized (mwahahaha). But that´s okay because the whole family is excited to get baptized. Jesús has even told us how excited he is for baptism. It is truly amazing to watch the gospel change lives. Por ejemplo. Hermana Erika this Sunday got all dressed up for church and made sure the rest of her family looked nice as well,when last week almost all of  them wore t-shirt and jeans. AND WE DIDN´T  EVEN HAVE TO TELL THEM! 

The miembros aqui continue to amaze me. And our Bishop is incredible! He works so hard to make sure everyone is taken care of including the investigators. I met one of the members yesterday who grew up in England. He got home from his mission a year ago and when he speaks ingles he has a british accent. It´s super cool. 

When we have to travel far, we take the buses here, which are in abundance. They are so much fun and super crazy. Pretty much a roller coaster. If you´re standing up, you have to hold on to the poles above for dear life. The other day a clown, A CLOWN, got on the bus and I pretty much flipped out. 

We had a meeting this week with all the new sister trainers and some elders. Presidente Nelson talked to us about studying effectively. It was very helpful and I love being around all the other missionaries. One of the elders that works in the oficinas speaks Portuguese, so Hermana Sanchez and I asked him to teach us the basics. It´s a really beautiful language! Most languages that aren´t english sound beautiful to me, haha! I´m so excited to speak spanish fluently! Right now I am still struggling, but that´s okay. Every now and then when I´m speaking english with my companion I will say half in spanish without even meaning to. And this one time when I was teaching I asked someone to close their eyes for an activity, but instead asked them to close their hijos instead of ojos. Oops. Most of the time people just laugh at my mistakes and I laugh it off with them and move on. 

Love you all lots! 
Hermana Enright 


Kitchen and curtain leads into the creepy bathroom which i avoid using

Our desks...for studying. We spend a lot of time here. It´s the best.

ME! and my bed, where I slept all yesterday afternoon because I was dying! Except now I´m 100% better. Thanks to crackers and gatorade.

 Look, COWS! my companion got super excited when we saw these. I´m gonna eventually run up that hill one p-day. 

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