Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20, 2016 (Erin)

Mi birthday was so much fun! We had una actividad de distrito hoy. We played futból and basketball. Really, I did. And it turns out that I really enjoy playing sports. Not competitively, because that gives me a heart attack, but just playing is so much fun!  We even played a little bit of volleyball with the inside of the soccer ball after one of the elders broke it. I'm actually pretty bad at almost every sport, but that's okay. Elder De Jesús worked with me and my companion today on soccer. He´s from Brazil, so yeah, he knows how to play. 

They all sang happy birthday to me and we had cake and pizza. YUM! Oh yeah, and they made me bite into the cake and then one of the hermanas shoved my face into it really hard. I literally had pieces of cake up my nose. 

Oh and since a bunch of the elders here are from South America and speak Portugués, my companion and I ask them to teach us stuff, so I know a little bit now! YAY! It is such a pretty language. 

 Me, Hermana Sanchez, y Elder De Jesus. 

 With the Assistants. We had to go change our number, Crazy story, next time!

 2. Pretty! And those snails are everywhere. Pretty sure I{ve killed I few. 

 This is Amaya. Perfect description of Joy right here. She loves food!

This is what happens when you ball hard on concrete. It´t already bruising. Yay for battle scars!

 I don't know why this is in my pictures. Some poor doll only has one arm. It makes me think of Toy Story for some reason. 

Here´s me, just serving my fellow missionaries. I love being around them all!

My companion made me breakfast!

My dear companion loves taking selfies, it makes me laugh!

And this is what it looks like to have your face shoved into a cake. Yay....

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