Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pants for days! (Erin)

So, we wear pants now for proselyting. That's purty neat. Also, I've been sick, that's been less neat. I've had more Gatorade in the last 5 days than ever in my life. 

BUT, most and super importantly, weve been teaching this family, Ruiz Oliver. They are perfectly prepared. Goodness, God's timing is perfect. We met the dad and his little girl first on the street last tuesdayish (Andros and Amaya). They invited us in and we taught the whole family (Mom=Erika, 12 yr boy=Jorge and baby=Andrew). We went over on Saturday and helped them clean up there house because the washing machine overflowed. (Service is a wonderfully sneaky way to teach people and gain their trust. I LOVE IT). After that we taught them the rest of The Restoration and invited them to church. AND THEY TOTALLY CAME! They are seriously the best and cutest family ever. Amaya, the little girl, is absolutely the cutest and loves food, so we get along wonderfully. That's my miracle story for the day. We had a zone activity today and we played volleyball! I really really really really love volleyball, probably because that was all we played as a district in the MTC.

It rains here almost every evening which is just the best. I love rain so much. My favorite word in Spanish today is Maravillosa. IT means marvaleous, or however you spell that. Spanish is getting easier. I can't believe I have already been here for two weeks!

Love you all! Muchas gracias for the emails. 
Hermana Enright


 Me and my compaƱera looking adorable

 We got soaked!

 Pants for days!

 At our activity today.

 at the Capilla...

 Still at the capilla with Familia Ruiz

Trashbag raincoat. Best thing ever. 

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