Monday, July 11, 2016

(Jun 27 Erin)

I love that  you guys had Mexican food for my birthday!  Let me tell you something, the food  here is completely different  from  mexican  food in the states. They eat a heck of a lot of rice and tortillas of course,  but they have spaghetti here. it´s really different  though  and it usually qualifies as speghetti if it has noodles and a sauce. Ha. the weird est thing I have eaten was chicken soup with chicken feet and chicken innards...not really sure what part, but it was nasty. 

We found a mouse in our house this week. And no, we did not feed it any cookies.  We  went and bought traps and actually caught it. There is a big long story, but I don´t have time.  I will just tell you that we named him speedy gonzales and  our ward mission leader calls it that every time he tells someone the story. 

I love you guys lots. Sorry  about the mosquitos.  I get to put repellent  on every day.  We have to be very careful here because  the mosquitos carry pretty nasty diseases.
Today I went on a hike and got to see my volcano! YAY! It´s so pretty. I will have to send pictures later. 

Hermana   Enright

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