Monday, July 11, 2016

My totally legit Indiana Jones adventure! (Jul 4, Erin)

Minus any significant  ancient artifacts, but still!  

Okay,  so every cambio ,we get two p-days to go outside our area and explore wonderful Mexico. My companion and  I  decided on Cholula (Look it up!). You know that picture of the volcano here with the yellow church in front of it? Yeah, that´s where I went. The church is on top of a huge ancient  pyramid. AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There´s a tunnel that leads through the pyramid and  I totally went inside and explored.  How I love adventures! It was pretty tight and there were a whole bunch of blocked of passageways with stairs leading up and down.  My companion and I were debating about whether parts looked more like something out of Indiana Jones or Harry Potter. According to my wonderfully trustworthy presidente  the story of the people who lived there  (I´´m assuming aztecs because of the art) is closely related to that of the Jaredites, but we couldn´t find the mural that talked about it. Any way it was pretty impressive and I have plenty of pictures.

Oh, yeah  I was gonna tell you guys about Speedy Gonzalez. So basically we saw a mouse one morning, went mouse hunting, found it living in the back of our stove, ran and got a mouse trap, and then when we got back that night  it was already stuck.  Now I really  hate those sticky mice traps because they just let the poor animal die slowly. When we got back he was stuck, but  still alive... and we didn´t just want to throw him away, companion taught me how to kill a mouse really nice and quick. Yep. 

Okay, also last p-day we went hiking up the hill that is nearby and it was super fun and I got to see my volcano, which I love! And I have pictures of that too.

Um....  We are working really hard with one family to get them baptized, but the parents have to get married first. They´re so close!!!!!!   They are struggling hard financially, but the dad just set up his own business selling oysters and shrimp (super delish!)  right outisde the capilla. This family is amazing and already keeping commandments just like that. They didn´t work on Sunday, and Andros, the dad, already is paying tithing. They are basically already miembros. And Jorge, their son gets upset with us that we can hug is little brother, Andrew, but not him because he´s 12 and his brothers only like 9 months.  Also, his mom told us the other day that he had a dream that I left the area and he didn´t get to say goodbye properly and that he got really upset. That about broke my heart. 
 Mi volcán :)

The really pretty but totally untrue church at the top of the pyramid

This is legit mexican food people. YUM!  chipotle is soooo good!

SO....this is the volcano again, because I can´t  get enough of it. But I think in this one you can totally see the smoke coming out of it! 

 We were bored

 AW, my first district  in the mish!

 Our ward mission leader, Hermano samuel is the bomb

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