Tuesday, August 2, 2016

(Erin August 1)

Okay, muy rápido. We are working really hard with Andros y Erika to get them married, LEGALLY, so they can be baptized this weekend. Goodness I didn't know it was so complicated. But they´re almost there and then they can finally get baptized. They already act like members. Signing up to feed us, going to clean the capilla on saturdays, PAYING THEIR TITHING! Their son, Jorge, was baptized two saturdays ago and recieved the Priesthood yesterday. Wow, a 12 year old gets to be the first priesthood holder in his house! It´s incredible to watch the gospel change peoples lives. But I have never really seen how hard Satan works to keep the work from progressing before my mission. He works just as hard to stop it as I do to keep people progressing and it is so annoying! Each and every person we teach has their own personal struggles with something and I´m learning fast to teach about repentance and trust in the Lord's commandments. So many people here believe that if you believe thereis a God and that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and occasionally feel bad about the wrong things you do, you're good. OR they like to listen to our lessons but have no desire to actually keep commitments. They think listening is enough and it most definitely isn´t! But that´s okay, cause then I get to teach them that. Yay. 

Okay, love you all lots. Keep emailing. It´s so weird hearing things about home or the states, because I hear almost nothing! except of course when people ask me (specifically because they know I'm american) "what do you think of Trump, why does he hate us?". It's fun coming up with different ways to dodge that question and change the subject to the Gospel.

There´s a member here who named his new baby boy Kalel (that´s not how you spell it), after Superman, haha, love it. Also my comapnion told me the other day that I talk in my sleep, in spanish! YAY! haha. Let´s see...I´ve got a great farmer´s tan and people are telling me that my Spanish is getting better, even if I do still have a weird accent.


Here, evidence that we celebrated Harry Potter day. Yes, those are seriously cheese stix from my package from granma that I saved specifically for this occasion. We also had Jelly Beans. Really, what else do you need?

This is Hermana Sanchez, yo ,Hermana Daisy, su mamá y su hija, Viri. Viri came with us lots to lessons, but they moved to the other side of Puebla =(

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