Tuesday, August 2, 2016

(Erin Jul 18)

WE FINALLY HAVE A BAPTISM! Jorge is getting baptized this Saturday. His parents baptism fell through because they aren´t married legally and have been working towards getting enough money to actually get married. You definitely have to ask every couple here if they are married legally the first time you teach them. Most people are either Catholic and get married through the church or just live together. Ugh. But yeah, Jorge is the greatest, he didn´t want to wait for his parents. So he gets to be my first baptism! YAY!

Um...we had interviews with the mission president, which was great. I set language goals with the mission president´s wife and then the president talked a lot to me about how my mission is not only for the people here, but also for me. I have the oppurtunity to prepare now for my future family. So yeah, I´ve been thinking a lot about that. You know how your studies and church talks and conversations are all about the same thing for a week or two and it's kind of weird? Yeah that's what it´s been like for me after my interview with the mission president. 

Um...que mas...We had a mini actividad de zona today. Played volleyball and fútbol. I´m pretty wiped out. But, hey, I´m definitely getting better at fútbol. I can totally hit the ball with my head and I´m very proud of that. Still working with Elder de Jesus on Portugues every now and then. It's pretty fun being around the other missionaries and talking in english, spanish, and portuguese all in the same conversation. Languages are fascinating. 

Pues, I can't think of anything else. I love it here, I love watching the gospel change lives. I already love so many of the people here and I´ve only been our about 4 months. I don´t want to leave this area! But, the coolest thing is, that I know everything will be fine and somehow I will be able to keep in touch with those who matter most. And if not here, then in the eternities, we´ll all be the bestest of friends. 

I´ve been studying charity a lot because I find it interesting that it so necessary for our salvation. So, yeah, go serve someone! Love makes the world go round right? 
Bye for now!
Hermana Enright

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