Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Happy Birthday! Rhys and Kegan!! (Amik July 11)

That cool birthday adventure sounds awesome! I kind of miss swimming. Anyway Aislin, who are the twenty one pilots?  Any songs that I might remember? Because all I think of is the pens that don't write well on glossy paper and with the springs that make the pens really effective "air pilots" because you could use the spring to send the pen flying.    

Anyway this was kind of an eventful week.This last Saturday we went and contacted a lady who at first told us a fake name, saying that the lady we were looking for wasn't there. We were pretty surprised when she apologized for lying for us. A pretty cool experience! Hope she calls us back! We gave her a family search card and Book of Mormon. 

We've been doing a lot of member work recently. Most of our spare time is used contacting less active members, making Emails for the Ward and investigators, and visiting active members to build their faith. It's a very different approach from the start of the mission where most of our time was taken up visiting random people (effectively tracting except to people we knew). Definitely an interesting time for missionary work! 

We had a stellar returned missionary come home last Thursday. He is every missionary's dream because he called us and said "How can I help?" Elder Welker had a few bad experiences on the mission where returned missionaries came home from their mission with a "silver bullet" to baptize the entire area (only to find that different parts of the world are... different) so definitely a breath of fresh air for both of us.

Have a nice week!
Love you all so much!

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