Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Never have enough time to write! (Erin)

Okay, I promise one of these days I will get this whole email thing figured out! 

This is my last week with Hermana Sanchez, which is only a little bit frightening. I have a feeling I will be staying here and she will be leaving, who knows where. I´m only slightly terrified, but trying to have a better attitude about change in general. 

We are STILL working with Andros and Erika to get them married, but they now have a date for their wedding. Of course it´s the 16th, after Hermana Sanchez leaves. They were really bummed about that, but that´s okay, as long as they actually get married and then baptized. Jorge passed the Sacrament for the first time yesterday and that was incredible. It was like watching one of my brothers do it for the first time. He is such and amazing kid and an example to me and his family. We are also working with another investigator, Eduardo. He smokes, so we are working with him on that right now. His wife was baptized in March or May and she had the same problem with smoking before that. 

So, every single Baptism date we have set as a companionship during my training has fallen through and we have had to set another one. It´s so hard to do, but it testifies to me that this is God´s work not mine, and these people need to be ready, they need to be converted to the gospel. God´s timing is perfect. I am here to do HIs work, in His way, not mine. 

I love you all lots!
Miss you terribly, but know that there is no place I would rather be then in Puebla Meixco right now!
Hermana Enright

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