Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pictures! (Erin July 25)

Okay, so I´m mostly going to send pictures with a slight background story for each, okay? okay. 

First of all, the greatest news! This is Jorge Oliver. He got baptized on Saturday! He´s pretty much the coolest ever. Always wanting to know what something means in english, always coming to church half an hour early WITHOUT his parents, ha. I seriously love him and his family so much. 

This, is on the wall in a member´s home, right next to a picture of Christ. Haha.

So last conferencia de zona I got your guy´s package AND gradma´s. We didn´t have any time to take stuff back to our casa, so I broke open the one from grandma and stuffed it all in my bag. yeah and I carried all of that around with me for about 6 hours. OW

During intercambios we met these kids while waiting for an investigator to show up. We played fútbol with them for awhile. 

It snowed!...okay, not really. Last pday we were cleaning out our fridge and the little freezer part was almost completely iced over, so I took a knife to it and hacked it all to pieces. And then we made snowmen. 

People here are amazing with art. All over the sides of houses, on the street. This is in a member´s home. Pretty cool. 

I´m pretty sure this was from Fionn, but I can't thank you guys enough for it! My scriptures fit perfectly and I was looking for something the week before to fit them in! Inspired

Yeah, darth vader noodle. One of the coolest things that came in Grandma´s package.

 Okay so I totally forgot to send pictures of the pyrimads, so here´s one inside. Purty sweet


Bottom of the one we could climb.

Just playing fútbol and getting sunburnt


Hermana Cardona. Her family makes bolis, which are the most delicious thing ever, Like popsicles, but better.

Oh Amaya. There are no words to describe how much I love this girl. 

Last but not least! JORGE IS OFFICIALLY A MORMON NOW YAY! And hopefully his parents will be getting baptized this coming saturday!

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