Wednesday, August 10, 2016

White Washing (Amik)

We got transfer logistics last night! Elder Welker and I are being white washed out of the ward.  Elder Welker will be going to Bermuda dunes as District leader and I will be going to Fontana Baseline ward to be companions with DL Elder  Larbarges and back on a bike.  This has been a great area and I feel like I have really grown this last three transfers with Elder Welker.  

One of the main things that I have really began to understand is the Sacrament and how it is a renewal of covenants and a cleansing covenant in and of itself. The sacrament prayers show us the covenant, the two way promise between us and God, that takes place when we partake of the sacrament. This cool and awesome covenant requires us to keep the commandments, to remember the Savior, to be missionaries and tell of the restoration of the Gospel. It allows us to have the key to personal revelation at all times. The sacrament is
critical if we want to move through life with Heaven's guidance because it is like being baptized again and again every Sunday. This is part of the Baptism of fire of the Holy Ghost because as we do this we are cleansed as we strive to do better. However, Sometimes, due to the repetition of little things, covenants and commandments such as the Sacrament, are belittled in our mind. This has definitely happened to me before. The renewal it can bring may be missed if we are not careful to make it a priority and ponder frequently what it means. If the Sacrament is not a highlight of your week now, we should really be doing anything and everything so that it is.

Also, this last week our Oak Valley ward had a missionary return on Wednesday from his mission in Pennsylvania.  A cool thing is that Elder Wool, the RM, was companions with one of the Elders that was in
my mission prep class.  I would copy and paste his name, since I have no idea how to correctly spell it, but I can't find it on LDS tools anymore since my home ward has now changed stakes.  It was the Elder that went to Pennsylvania and who's name started with a P.  (Elder Perzadah)  

Anyway how is the new ward?  I guess it might be too early to tell, but is there anyone who is in the ward, or not in it, that I know? Also, where did Drake go on his mission? Also, the pictures are a bit of my district, and another one since our district leader was quarantined because he was sick.

Elder Enright

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