Thursday, September 1, 2016

Baptisms! (Erin)

Hey there wonderful people!

    It has been a crazy week and it`s going to get even crazier. We had a a special zone conference with a member of the seventy, Elder Salina. It was incredible and I loved the way he taught. No paper, no powerpoint, nothing, just the scriptures. Our mission president and his wife spoke first. Every now and then Elder Salina would interrupt and have us look up a scripture that would help us understand something better or that applied to the other talks. His talk was about love, but he mostly taught about our Savior and how without his sacrifice, we would not be able to be saved. It was very profound. He told us that no matter how much he loves his wife, he cannot save her and so his job as her husband is to help her draw closer to Christ, because it is only through Christ that we can have eternal life.  This really hit me, because no matter how much I love the people here that I am teaching, no matter how often I visit them, re-read the folletos with them, recommit them to simple things, I cannot save them. Only Christ can. My job here really is only to testify of Christ, to bring the Spirit and the gospel into people´s homes. To teach them how to do the simple things for themselves, so they can understand the purpose of life here, so they can feel the love Christ has for them and how they can demonstrate that love in return. 

We had a lesson this past week with our mission leader and I love listening to him teach, he really is amazing at it and can apply the lesson directly to the needs of the investigators. We were teaching about the Atonement and he said that the only way we can apply (activate? I forgot the word) the atonement in our lives is through baptism. Without baptism, the atonement does nothing for us. I had never thought of teaching baptism that way before, but hey, now I´m going to. 
Andros and Erika are getting baptized this Saturday! This time for sure. It`s only been like 3 months since we first invited them to baptism. Of course they each have had stuggles and problems that have made the wait a long one, but I feel like they are really ready and it`s going to happen. I will dunk them in the water myself if a have to! Haha...but seriously. We have another investigator named Laura Irene. Her baptism is in a few weeks and she is progressing so fast. I love watching the gospel change lives and the feeling in the homes of those who truly desire to change and grow. I don`t want to leave! I could literally stay all day and teach them everything. Laura attended a baptism with us last saturday and started asking all these questions for her baptism and was telling everyone the date of hers. Haha. I love her so much. 

Hermana Ferniza and I get along great. She is pretty crazy, but I love it. She really makes this work more fun. The other day we were reading the scriptures in English (Because she wants to learn English) and she read the word "naked¨" and asked me, "What does that mean? Como servilleta (napkin)? No because those didn´t exist back then, what is it?" Haha. She makes me laugh constantly. And then my laugh makes her laugh and we end up in fits of laughter that are super hard to stop. 

I love you guys lots. I love this work and I love my Savior. I love the plan that God has for all of us. I love teaching it and watching the spirit change lives. There´s a scripture that talks about how there is none better then he who layeth down his life for his friends, or something like that, but I love it. I gave up my personal plans and life to come here for these people, for the friends I would make and the lives I would change and I don´t regret it one bit. This is the best kind of service there is, to share something so wonderful and important that can change lives so completely and can bring an eternal happiness into the homes of families. 

okay, that`s all for now!
Hermana Enright

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