Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cambios (Erin Aug 17)

Okay, I officially finished my training.  I left  Hermana Sanchez at la capu this morning and picked up my new companion, Hermana Fernica. She is wonderful.  A convert of  2  or 3 years and and lived in Utah before her mission.  I love listening to people`s stories of their conversion. Casi everyone here is a convert and they all have amazing stories and pictures with their missionaries.  I can`t believe I get to be part of this work, to bring the Gospel into homes and help people change their lives.  Tomorrow  I get to go with some investigators (Andros  y Erika)  to the Registro Civil, so they can offically and legally get married!!!!  FINALLY!  And their baptisms are this coming Saturday. It has been hard work getting them to this point, but they have changed so much and definitely will be baptized already converted to the gospel. 

In this area, Xonacatepec, there is so much work to do. Last week Hermana Sanchez and I visited part of our area that we have never been to before, way out in the boondocks.  But it was amazing, the people there literally have nothing, but their faith. We met a lady who`s husband had died a few years ago. She started crying when we introduced ourselves. This to me is amazing, people here trust us so quickly with their history and their problems. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and in the end she told us that we reminded her of when Christ was on the earth and ministered to the people, comforting them.  I started crying!  She really knew that we were representantes de Jesucristo. In that moment I knew that I was doing what I needed to be doing. 

Oh, another miracle!  On Saturday we went to a baptism de las hermanas de Torres, another area. We had some baptism clothing for them, but we didn`t have an investigator to take with us.  When we got there we decided to contact  outside the church and see if we could find someone. After 4 people, we met this lady who agreed to come to the baptism, just like that. We gave her a tour  of the capilla  and taught her a quick lesson in the chapel. We felt the spirit so strongly!   She accepted a baptism date and even came with us to church the next day!!!!!!!!  But guess what, she`s not in our area! So we gave her information to the hermanas en su area. WOW. 

I love teaching the gospel. I`m not perfect at it, but I know that if I teach with the Spirit, the people I am teaching can know for themselves that is  true and can feel the  spirit in their home. Even when I explain things weirdly or when my Spanish is way messed up. 

I love you all! Sometimes I`m still so surprised I`m in Mexico, but yesterday ,when we were walking back  to nuestra casa, I felt  at home. I know part of this area like the back of my hand. I`ve only been here for 4 months, but there are people here that I love with all my heart, even if  I can`t understand them perfectly all the time.  We went  to a members home for la comida yesterday  (we had Chiles en Nogada, which are super delicious, seriously look it up).  and they were so wonderful and kind and hilarious. Almost everyone is here.  And the food is usually always amazing! I just love it here.  

Okay, bye for now!
Hermana Enright

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