Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Elder Jorg Klebingat's Mind Palaces (Amik)

The highlight of the week is that we got to have a meeting with Elder Klebingat for about seven hours Friday.  One of the first things that he told us was that neither his parents nor his wife's parents are members.  In fact the way he met the man that introduced him to the church was at an AC-DC/Van Halen concert.  He is also really funny.
But the funniest thing was when he talked about his mind palaces and how he uses them to memorize scriptures so that he always has something to go to if someone starts bible bashing with him when he is on an airplane or something.  He also talked about how he will look around at airports and see someone and correctly guess that they are Mormon.  This was the Moglow that Bayley talked about a lot when she got home from her mission.  

Anyway the first part of the meeting was really about agency and how it was up to us how our mission benefits
us and what happens to us after the mission.  That the idea that we will all just have our spirituality decrease after our mission is a lie, it just depends on how we spend our time after the mission.   One of the things that was discussed was how we need to pay attention to prayers said in our presence.  Because otherwise we are not there and we don't get the blessings from the prayer. The Lord blesses those who prepare.  Only compare yourself to the Lord, that is the only fair comparison. The level of your spirituality after and during your mission depends on your choices.   It is your decision.  One word from the Savior's mouth dispels Lucifer, the devil is limited and given power by God.  This is our strength that is tested.  This time in the mission is the time to prepare and protect ourselves. In the end we determine how much light we receive. It is up to us.  Also, as soon as we try to improve we realize how much work have to do to.  We don't know how mortal we are until we try and be perfect. We also talked about the Law of the harvest. We get what we work for. We reap what we sow. So What are we sowing?   However, we do get credit for trying as Elder Holland said. In the end, the Celestial kingdom will be filled with imperfect people who got nearly perfect by applying the atonement. Anyway one of the things that I got from the conference is to always work for the best and things will work out.  It is always better to self correct. 

Also, on another note, that night we were at a park and started to talk to a few people.  We taught the Restoration to this big group of people.  We gave them each Hallelujah cards, well must of them, they all lived outside the mission though so we hope that they will look into it more.  Also, one of them was trying to catch us in our words and stuff, but he eventually stopped, kinda. 

Anyway, this morning we went and played soccer when it was all cool out for about two hours and I am emailing late because we Just finished a two player game of monopoly.  Elder Labarge won with almost 7000 dollars of Monopoly money.

Have a great week!  And enjoy the trip up to Idaho!!

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