Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Oh how I love trials :) (Erin)

Okay, wow. You will not believe that crazy week I´ve had. I love Mexico, yes I love Mexico (Sometimes I have to remind myself of this, especially this week). 

Okay, so last Monday we got home from emailing to find that we had absolutely no water in the house. We have a little machine out front that we plug in to magically get more water, but that didn´t work. We called our dueño (I honestly have no idea what that is in English, look it up, it´s the guy that owns the house we are renting) but he wasn't very helpful. We also talked to our neighbors to make sure they had water and to our mission leader, but no one had any idea what was wrong. So, we lived without water for three days, well in the house. We had some extra purified water, so we used that to wash dishes and bathe in the morning. Yeah, we literally heated up the water in the microwave and showered with it, yay. Remember, I love Mexico. So on Thursday we talked to one of our neighbors and she told us that our nice little tanks of water (one on top of the house and one in front) were both empty and that we needed to call a Pipa (truck with water) to come refill them. We talked again to our dueño, because really I feel like this should have been his responsibility, but whatever, I´m a grown adult.  He told us that he wasn´t going to pay for a pipa because it was probably our fault or some one else´s fault that we ran out of water. Yay! (I LOVE MEXICO). Anyway so we called a pipa, by ourselves and he came and filled both our tanks. Now these tanks are really for emergencies when the city isn´t providing the water, or something. I´m a little fuzzy on the details, but apparantly there´s a water system, but it doesn´t always function, so people have tanks of water for when there´s no water, or something. 

Anywho, Thursday night we had water again, which was just superb and everything went great Friday and Saturday. Yesterday morning though we woke up to no electricity in the house, so we lived without light all day long and then paid that today, because we have to leave our area to pay the light with our fancy intelligent little card that reads the meter out front, or whatever. So we paid that, went to the store and bought food for the week and then as we were getting back to the house I asked my companion if she had the keys. NOPE. WE looked through all our bags and realized they were missing. Now, this is not just for the house. There are like a dozen keys, for the house, the church, and who knows what else. So, yeah kind of really bad that we lost them. We left our food with our oh so kind neighbor and hopped back on a camion to go back to the store. We looked everywhere and asked pretty much every person who worked there and FINALLY one of the nice old ladies found them all! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so back to the house. Everything´s great, right!? What else could possibly happen? We met our neighbor out front and she announced that our bomba, that small little machine out front that pumps water, had been stolen. So now we have a nice tank full of water out front, but no way to pump it into the house. Once again, there´s no water in the house and I get to shower with buckets of lukewarm water...yay, I love Mexico.  

So yeah, that´s my adventure for this week. Honestly, I never thought I would have to deal with this kind of stuff here in the mission. My companion and I have been laughing all day long because we really cannot believe this all happened to us in one week. But really, it´s just more opportunities to learn right? In the weirdest and possibly most uncomfortable and inconvenient ways, but hey, whatever, 

I love you guys lots. I will complete 5 months in the mission tomorrow! Crazy how fast it´s going.  We have cambios in two weeks and I´m honestly not ready to leave, well if I do. I´ve been in the same place this whole time and have grown to really love everyone here, members and investigadores. It´s amazing to me how easy it is here to love and serve people. I really have never had an easier time getting to know people, learning to love them and help them. The gospel really is so powerful and I love getting to share it with people. And when they recognize the blessings and start living the gospel for themselves, man, there is no better feeling in the world. I love this gospel, I love my Savior, and I am eternally grateful for his sacrifice. Because of it, I can repent and change every day, knowing that even though I´m not perfect, if I do my best, he will provide everything else. 

bye for now, love you all! 
Hermana Enright

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