Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunday night miracle (Amik)

I will start off with the reason for the title before I move on.  It was a dark Sunday night and Elder Labarge and I were trying to find new investigators.  So we were park hopping trying the two different parks and a fountain in our area where people tend to gather.  We have had no new investigators this whole week and we really really wanted to find someone.  The fountain we went to had nobody there except an old lady that left once she saw us.  The other park just had little kids so we biked to the last one.  This is where we found the elect.  When we got there there was only about five people at the entire park and two were close to us sitting together at a picnic table.  So we went up and introduced ourselves and asked if they had seen missionaries before.  Vanessa and Daniel, the elect, had and Vanessa actually worked with a few Mormons before and was a friend with a guy that was waiting for his mission call.  So we showed them the Hallelujah video saying that it will be something that he would be sharing on his mission.  We then jumped into the Restoration.  We got to where it talks about Jesus Christ and his Atonement and I asked Daniel something along the lines of how he would feel about having all his feelings of guilt and pain disappear, I forget exactly what I said. And then asked what he was willing to do for that to happen. To which he said "anything". So I introduced baptism and what it is for and invited them both to be baptized.  They both immediately said yes in unison.  After that awesomely spiritual moment we finished the Restoration, introduced and gave them each a Book of Mormon, and got contact info and set up another time to meet.   This was really the highlight of my whole week and it really makes me so glad that I came on a mission.  I really really hope the next few lessons all work out great.

Also, Pres. Dixon just told us an interesting piece of info, spiritual info.  From scriptural knowledge, Nephi actually wrote the book of 1 Nephi some 30 years after his family left Jerusalem and he wrote the book more as an essay to prove a point than as an historical account. And as all good essays start with a solid thesis statement, so did the book of 1st Nephi.  It can be found half way through 1 Nephi 1:20,  the last verse of the first chapter.   "But behold, I Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." In the rest of the book he shows how the tender mercies of the Lord always follow those who have faith. Not necessarily saying that if you have faith you won't have any problems, but you get the picture.  He basically sets out to show us how the hand of the Lord was always there for him to help him and his family through the trials of the wilderness and to arrive safely at their promised land. It is encouraging to just to search 1 Nephi looking for as many examples of tender mercies that I can find. They are everywhere.

In a way you could compare life to the traveling in the wilderness that Nephi's family does.   Nephi  spends his time rejoicing in all that the Lord had done while certain others constantly wish that they were somewhere else than the wilderness, or even dead I think in one case, and lamenting that they might have been happy.  It seems they just made the choice to not be happy.  So do you want to be a Nephi or a Laman in life? In the end it is up to you.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that from Monday to Friday this last week two other elders moved in with us.  So we had a six man apartment before the Spanish elders moved out Friday. Also, Elder Nichols and Elder Tagg, our roommates, went with the APs all the down to Borrego Springs by the Salton and got a few cool pictures.

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