Thursday, September 1, 2016

We at the baseline ward like to live at the edge. Literally at the edge. (Amik Aug 17)

I have moved to the Baseline ward on bike.  And it is hot!!!!  I have been drinking so much more water.  It is like nectar.  I am companions with Elder Labarge, who is district leader.  We have three sets of missionaries in the baseline ward.  Two of these are training groups, one of which are sisters.  Also, this area pretty small now, the way we split is that we take the west side of the ward, while the other Elders take the east side and the Sisters cover the whole ward since they have a car.  Anyway we live and work at the very edge of the mission.  If we go past an extra block we are in the Rancho Cucamonga mission.  Also, we are in a pretty nice apartment for just the the two of us, with our own washer and dryer.  The last apartment I was in had a washer, but no dryer so we had a clothes line that we dried our clothes on. Also, the first day we biked nearly ten miles.  So the bike seat hit a lot for the next few days. 

Thursday night we went and contacted a potential. It turns out that the guy did not live there, but the lady who answered was very excited to see us and talked about how she was so glad to meet us and how happy she was that we were going about doing the Lord's work. She then talked about how hard must be facing rejection.  She then rejected us. It kind of puzzled us. 

We have this big community church that a lot of people go to in this area.  It is huge! We call it the great and spacious.  In fact just a few days ago we went to see an in-active member that turns out to be one of the many pastors at the church. The main area that we work in is a housing complex and we cover a bit more. 

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