Tuesday, October 4, 2016

(Erin Oct 3)

Okay, this is going to be really fast, because these computers are being weird and turning off randomly on me, yay.

Okay, first of all conference was super great! Can I just say how perfect EVERY SINGLE talk was for missionary work? And there were definitely 2 directed at members to help with the work, haha. We try to work really hard with members. In this area it´s a slow start because we don´t know anyone! Oh well, now we have a directory, mwahaha. 

I loved that most of the talks this conference concentrated on the simple doctrine. I will definitely be using those talks for teaching. YAY! One of my favorite things said (can´t remember who) was that it is more effective to concentrate and teach about Christ than the church. This is so true!!!! Our testimonies are not based on the church or the leaders, they are based in Christ (Helaman 5:12). 

Okay, random facts. First of all it is ridiculously cold here in Nanacamilpa. Seriously. The mornings are so hard. We bought nesquick stuff today so I can make chocolate milk and warm it up the microwave for hot chocolate. Totally works. I wear two pairs of pants always at night and sometimes during the day. The clouds here are incredible and huge! And the storms are awesome. The other day we were eating with the Bishop´s family during a storm and lightning struck somewhere close because the thunder basically shook the house. So cool. 

Okay, super funny thing, people ask me all the time where I learned to sing! Seriously, the people here have a hard time keeping tune. It´s sort of hilarious. People have told me I sing like an angel and ask me to sing parts of other songs for them. Haha. 

Okay, someone told me once that they want to steal my eyes, yeah, some old guy in the street that I´m purty sure was drunk. 

Um....there are all sorts of hills here in my area, it´s ridiculous and is not helping with the whole, my clothes are too big for me. 

Oh, oh! The other day I ate chicken feet! it´s my second time having them for a meal and I honestly don´t know what the purpose is of eating them or how to eat them for that matter. But guess what? People here eat them because they are "super healthy" and they eat them basically like popsicles. They just stick the foot in their mouths, so yeah...I did that. EW! you basically eat the skin and little bit of fat because that´s literally all there is. There´s no meat. You have to be careful with the bones, because they are so tiny and of course there are the nails of the toes...EW, EW, EW. Still not over that experience. 

Okay, love you guys lots! Keep emailing me! I love hearing from everyone! Sorry there aren´t any pictures, but I can´t get the USB port to work.

Seriously love you guys.

Hermana Enright

General conference and Plan of Salvation lesson (Amik Oct 3)

 For some reason the font is different this time 

The conference was the highlight of the week for us, but we did have some other good moments.  We had another lesson with our two investigators, Daniel and Vanessa, who we are shooting for baptism at the end of the month. They have been reading the Book of Mormon on their own and Vanessa actually read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet we had given them all the way through and said that she just felt that it was true.  So this last lesson was the Plan of Salvation and about following the prophet, due to General conference.
They also agreed to watch the women's and priesthood sessions of conference online since their schedule would not allow them to view the live broadcast.  We have another lesson with them on Tuesday.

Speaking of going to conference, we had a less active member that we found by the name of Dana attend the Saturday Morning session with one of our members. He seemed to be very  intently listening to the messages given and was happy he could be there.  We plan on having him meet with the Bishop soon to further determine how we should work with him.  Because he actually lives in an assisted living facility.  The story of how we found him is actually interesting because we saw that we had a former investigator that lived there.  When we went looking for him there, Dana waved and said "Hey Elders" so we of course went and talked with him.  We found out that he was a member and got his info and had the ward clerk look him up.  And the info was legit.  So he is now part of our ward.  

There were a few good talks, I am running out of time, but here are a few good notes of some of my favorite talks 

Sister Linda S. Reeves 
  •  The Christlike thing to do is to confess and repent of past transgressions 
Also Sister Reeves is our ward's bishop's mother in law 

This seventy was awesome, a very good talk 
Elder J. Cornish 
  • Will I really make to the celestial kingdom?
  • We torture ourselves needlessly, Gods opinion is the only one that matters,   Comparing myself to others is something that I still need to work on.  
  • We should not compare ourselves to others, only to what we were like before 
  • All the lord expects of us is to try, but you really need to try,  this kind of goes with Elder Hollands talk from last conference, that we get credit for just trying
  • What we can't  do is rationalize/rebel instead of repent 
  • If we really try and continue to repent, we will get to heaven

Anyway in closing, I am so grateful that we have living prophets today and for their counsel to us.  Also, the Plan of salvation that allows us to know why we are here.  And the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that as we heed it we will receive blessings for our diligent obedience.  Have a great week, good luck in work and school! 

Elder Enright

Cambios!!!!! (Erin Sept 27)

Okay...are you ready for this? because I wasn`t, AT ALL.

So Hermana Ferniza and I get along perfectly and we were so sure we were going to have another cambio juntas. Well, last Wedneday (which is when the asistentes call you if you are going to train or your area is going to close) we accidentally lost our phone. I swear it was not on purpose. Dear Hermana Ferniza has a habit of losing important things, or breaking them. Anyways we lost our phone and couldn´t go to the offices to get a new one until Thursday and then when we got a new one, the Elders told us that we couldn´t use it for 24 hours so the company could switch the phone number. So we were kind of all by ourselves with no way for anyone to contact us, that was nice. Friday morning our sister training leaders showed up on a doorstep and announced that we were both going to train and congratulations and all that. Haha, I`m sure Hermana Ferniza and I did not look super happy, but we tried to sound excited. Anyway So Saturday we had training with the presidente about training new missionaries and then we had mini interviews with him so he could tell us about our areas. he told me that I would get to open a new area in the mountains, se llama Nanacamilpa (try saying that 5 times fast, ha). 

 Anywho, Monday morning we took a taxi with all my belongings to a chapel in La Paz and then waited for 3 hours for the newbies to finish their orientation. Then we met the newbies and separated with our new companions! YAY! My new companion is Hermana Orellana. She is from Guatemala and pretty much doesn`t eat anything. Haha. (compared to me and Hermana Ferniza who ate anything and everything). 

So yeah, we arrived yesterday at 7:30pm to our new area and it is legit in the mountains and it so so beautiful here AND COLD!!!!!!!!!! I´m going to have to find some sweaters.

Yep. Training AND opening an area. Yikes. But hey, our house is ridiculously nice. I´ll have to send pictures. 

This is my first time experiencing a change in area and man was it hard. Especially with Familia Ruiz (Andros, Erika, Jorge, Amaya, y Andrew). They were the last people we visited Sunday night. I made a really basic no-bake oreo cheesecake for Hermana Erika for her birthday which was the next day. Man, it was so hard to say good-bye. Amaya siempre told us after every lesson "no se va, no se va". Which basically means don`t leave and when she told me that Sunday night I completely lost it and then Jorge was crying too, so it was just a big cry fest. Really, I love that family with all my heart. Jorge and I became really good friends and he even came out with us once to teach lessons and actually did a really good job. I imagine that this will be the hardest part of my mission, having to change areas and say goodbye to people for a good amount of time. I really don´t like saying goodbye to people in general, but after developing such a strong relationship with someone, teaching them the gospel and how to feel the love of God and the Spirit in their home, watching them change and changing with them, and then having to leave?? You really have to put your trust in the Lord that they will keep on living the gospel and everything will be okay. UGH. 

Well, now I have the opportunity to get to know people here in Nanacamilpa. I`m excited because I have come to love teaching the gospel and helping people change their lives. Really I don`t do much, but to be part of that process? there is nothing more beautiful and I am eternally grateful for the miracles I can help perform here in the mission. 

Okay, that`s all. I love you all! read your scriptures, say your prayers, have noche de hogar and remember that the love our heavenly father has for us is unconditional and there is never a point in the life where it is too late to change and become better. 

Hermana Enright. 

Stolen iPad, 20 mph winds, a good lesson, and General conference is here! (Amik Sept 26)

Not mine, Elder Labarg's 

Because of that I am going to have to keep this short so that he can email is Family from this IPad.  Anyhow, the story of how it got stolen starts with my front bike tire getting punctured.  This was because a few weeks ago, I don't know if I told you, but I ran over a screw which ruined my "bulletproof tire" so I replaced it with a non-slimed, slightly better than normal, tube.  So when a I got few very small holes we decided it would be better to slime it than to try and patch them.  So two days later, we had one whole day just on foot since the bike shop was closed and Walmart did not have slime. This made me really thankful for the bikes.  So we had a member pick us up in the middle of the week and we first went to Walmart and then the bike shop for slime,  which we got in the end. However as we were heading home, Elder Labarge realized his iPad was missing,  so we went back and checked where we were before, but yeah it was gone for good.  

Also, Tuesday night, when I had the punctured tire, was bad because I realized something was wrong with it on the way to the lesson with Daniel and Vanessa.   We could not be late.  We got there in time and had the lesson, we read the Book of Mormon with them and talked about what will have to happen for them to be baptized.  They totally read the Book of Mormon too!  

Also, the Santa Anna winds have started.  Yesterday we were biking in 20 mph wind and it should get even windier.  The wind is awesome, but it makes biking harder because the wind is just pushing you back.  Also, I can't believe that General conference is already here!!!  This is going to be awesome. 

-Elder Enright-

Bautismos!!!!! (Erin Sept 19)

I can`t believe it!  Andros and Erika were baptized this past Saturday with another one of our amazing investigadores,  Laura Irene. So many  people showed up, missionaries, miembros, and our mission president, we had to move the program into the sacrament room!  

Really, the week was super crazy and stressful ,Satan was obviously working super hard against us, but they all had their interviews and were finally baptized and there are really no words to express the experience, so I'll just send photos  :))

Okay, what else...

Here people travel a lot by the public buses, which are called camiones. You really can just wait by the side of the road for like 2 or 3 minutes and one will pass by, you flag it down like a taxi and jump on. Sometimes there are seats, sometimes not and you just have to stand in the middle and hold on tight. They are actually really fun, basically a roller coaster, so  I`m not jealous that my family is going to Disneyland without me because I really have rides here and they cost less than 50 cents. 

I now am a pro at showering out of bucket and if I have enough time in the morning and feeling  fancy I will even heat up the water in the microwave. 

I have no decent pairs of pants that fit me. my three pairs are really huge on me at this point. I`ll have to find some nice member who will fix them for me. 
Okay, well pictures because I can`t think of anything really entertaining.

  Hermano Samuel (lider misional),  Hermano Garido , Laura  Irene,  Hermana Ferniza, your favorite, Erika, Andrew, Andros, Hermano Arjuna. I seriously love how many people are wearing white in this picture. Power of the priesthood right here. 

This was today, our last district activity. We have cambios next week!!!!! AH!

We went to Tepetlaxco last week, it`s part of our area, but way far away. It`s so pretty out there. 

Okay, this is one of my absolute favorite things here in Mexico, the grafitti  is crazy awesome. These are pretty close to where I live  and love them. They are incredible. (Kegan and Rhys and Aislin, come down here and you can just paint on the walls.)

This is  Amaya and Andrew, pretty much the cutest thing ever and so proud of that tag. 

We were waiting for an investigator to show up at her house. 

With awesome members.

After much sass from our mission leader  when we haven`t had sweaters and it rained, we know carry around our jackets or wear our boots most days.  YAY!

Okay, love you all lots, BYE!

Transfers, Staying (Amik Sept 19)

This last week we got transfers and Elder Labarge and I are both staying in the area. The people I talked about last week, Daniel and Vanessa, we have set an appointment for them Tuesday night, we did have a lesson
last week, but it was canceled.  We also got a couple more potential investigators.  Also, we started cleaning up the area's area book and getting rid of all the listed potentials and former investigators that are not actually formers or potentials.  Also, since I am staying and had extra msf to spend I bought my ten pound bag of pan cake mix with chocolate chips.  I then got real maple syrup because of Elder Tagg, he is from Canada. The small thing of maple syrup was $18! Now I know why the real stuff was only for Mom and Dad.  But they give us enough
to meet our needs and to spare if we are wise in how we spend it. Fast food will just make the money go down the drain.   Anyway, the days have now started to get cooler and we got a cloudy day today, yesterday was 105 at one time however.  Also, funny story. The pictures I sent was of our last district meeting and Elder Nichols,
the tall Elder with black hair is going home, this Tuesday.  Just one minute before we left for that meeting I bent down to pick up a box and my suit pants ripped!! Right on the bottom on the seam. The  tear was nearly 3 inches long! So I had to quickly change into my other suit before we left.  We going to deliver them with a few ties to a member tonight to see if see if she can fix them.

Also, I have been doing studies and being in meetings, like church or district/zone meetings/conferences and the law of the harvest keeps coming up.  You reap what you sow and if you sow sparingly then you will reap sparingly.  Basically you get what you work for, not what you wish for.  I have seen this throughout my mission.  One of the things that this makes me want to do is study really hard when I get back.   I am
evening thinking of getting tutor for improving my spelling/English/penmanship when I am at BYU-I after my mission.

Have a great week!
-Elder Enright-