Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bautismos!!!!! (Erin Sept 19)

I can`t believe it!  Andros and Erika were baptized this past Saturday with another one of our amazing investigadores,  Laura Irene. So many  people showed up, missionaries, miembros, and our mission president, we had to move the program into the sacrament room!  

Really, the week was super crazy and stressful ,Satan was obviously working super hard against us, but they all had their interviews and were finally baptized and there are really no words to express the experience, so I'll just send photos  :))

Okay, what else...

Here people travel a lot by the public buses, which are called camiones. You really can just wait by the side of the road for like 2 or 3 minutes and one will pass by, you flag it down like a taxi and jump on. Sometimes there are seats, sometimes not and you just have to stand in the middle and hold on tight. They are actually really fun, basically a roller coaster, so  I`m not jealous that my family is going to Disneyland without me because I really have rides here and they cost less than 50 cents. 

I now am a pro at showering out of bucket and if I have enough time in the morning and feeling  fancy I will even heat up the water in the microwave. 

I have no decent pairs of pants that fit me. my three pairs are really huge on me at this point. I`ll have to find some nice member who will fix them for me. 
Okay, well pictures because I can`t think of anything really entertaining.

  Hermano Samuel (lider misional),  Hermano Garido , Laura  Irene,  Hermana Ferniza, your favorite, Erika, Andrew, Andros, Hermano Arjuna. I seriously love how many people are wearing white in this picture. Power of the priesthood right here. 

This was today, our last district activity. We have cambios next week!!!!! AH!

We went to Tepetlaxco last week, it`s part of our area, but way far away. It`s so pretty out there. 

Okay, this is one of my absolute favorite things here in Mexico, the grafitti  is crazy awesome. These are pretty close to where I live  and love them. They are incredible. (Kegan and Rhys and Aislin, come down here and you can just paint on the walls.)

This is  Amaya and Andrew, pretty much the cutest thing ever and so proud of that tag. 

We were waiting for an investigator to show up at her house. 

With awesome members.

After much sass from our mission leader  when we haven`t had sweaters and it rained, we know carry around our jackets or wear our boots most days.  YAY!

Okay, love you all lots, BYE!

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