Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cambios!!!!! (Erin Sept 27)

Okay...are you ready for this? because I wasn`t, AT ALL.

So Hermana Ferniza and I get along perfectly and we were so sure we were going to have another cambio juntas. Well, last Wedneday (which is when the asistentes call you if you are going to train or your area is going to close) we accidentally lost our phone. I swear it was not on purpose. Dear Hermana Ferniza has a habit of losing important things, or breaking them. Anyways we lost our phone and couldn´t go to the offices to get a new one until Thursday and then when we got a new one, the Elders told us that we couldn´t use it for 24 hours so the company could switch the phone number. So we were kind of all by ourselves with no way for anyone to contact us, that was nice. Friday morning our sister training leaders showed up on a doorstep and announced that we were both going to train and congratulations and all that. Haha, I`m sure Hermana Ferniza and I did not look super happy, but we tried to sound excited. Anyway So Saturday we had training with the presidente about training new missionaries and then we had mini interviews with him so he could tell us about our areas. he told me that I would get to open a new area in the mountains, se llama Nanacamilpa (try saying that 5 times fast, ha). 

 Anywho, Monday morning we took a taxi with all my belongings to a chapel in La Paz and then waited for 3 hours for the newbies to finish their orientation. Then we met the newbies and separated with our new companions! YAY! My new companion is Hermana Orellana. She is from Guatemala and pretty much doesn`t eat anything. Haha. (compared to me and Hermana Ferniza who ate anything and everything). 

So yeah, we arrived yesterday at 7:30pm to our new area and it is legit in the mountains and it so so beautiful here AND COLD!!!!!!!!!! I´m going to have to find some sweaters.

Yep. Training AND opening an area. Yikes. But hey, our house is ridiculously nice. I´ll have to send pictures. 

This is my first time experiencing a change in area and man was it hard. Especially with Familia Ruiz (Andros, Erika, Jorge, Amaya, y Andrew). They were the last people we visited Sunday night. I made a really basic no-bake oreo cheesecake for Hermana Erika for her birthday which was the next day. Man, it was so hard to say good-bye. Amaya siempre told us after every lesson "no se va, no se va". Which basically means don`t leave and when she told me that Sunday night I completely lost it and then Jorge was crying too, so it was just a big cry fest. Really, I love that family with all my heart. Jorge and I became really good friends and he even came out with us once to teach lessons and actually did a really good job. I imagine that this will be the hardest part of my mission, having to change areas and say goodbye to people for a good amount of time. I really don´t like saying goodbye to people in general, but after developing such a strong relationship with someone, teaching them the gospel and how to feel the love of God and the Spirit in their home, watching them change and changing with them, and then having to leave?? You really have to put your trust in the Lord that they will keep on living the gospel and everything will be okay. UGH. 

Well, now I have the opportunity to get to know people here in Nanacamilpa. I`m excited because I have come to love teaching the gospel and helping people change their lives. Really I don`t do much, but to be part of that process? there is nothing more beautiful and I am eternally grateful for the miracles I can help perform here in the mission. 

Okay, that`s all. I love you all! read your scriptures, say your prayers, have noche de hogar and remember that the love our heavenly father has for us is unconditional and there is never a point in the life where it is too late to change and become better. 

Hermana Enright. 

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