Tuesday, October 4, 2016

(Erin Oct 3)

Okay, this is going to be really fast, because these computers are being weird and turning off randomly on me, yay.

Okay, first of all conference was super great! Can I just say how perfect EVERY SINGLE talk was for missionary work? And there were definitely 2 directed at members to help with the work, haha. We try to work really hard with members. In this area it´s a slow start because we don´t know anyone! Oh well, now we have a directory, mwahaha. 

I loved that most of the talks this conference concentrated on the simple doctrine. I will definitely be using those talks for teaching. YAY! One of my favorite things said (can´t remember who) was that it is more effective to concentrate and teach about Christ than the church. This is so true!!!! Our testimonies are not based on the church or the leaders, they are based in Christ (Helaman 5:12). 

Okay, random facts. First of all it is ridiculously cold here in Nanacamilpa. Seriously. The mornings are so hard. We bought nesquick stuff today so I can make chocolate milk and warm it up the microwave for hot chocolate. Totally works. I wear two pairs of pants always at night and sometimes during the day. The clouds here are incredible and huge! And the storms are awesome. The other day we were eating with the Bishop´s family during a storm and lightning struck somewhere close because the thunder basically shook the house. So cool. 

Okay, super funny thing, people ask me all the time where I learned to sing! Seriously, the people here have a hard time keeping tune. It´s sort of hilarious. People have told me I sing like an angel and ask me to sing parts of other songs for them. Haha. 

Okay, someone told me once that they want to steal my eyes, yeah, some old guy in the street that I´m purty sure was drunk. 

Um....there are all sorts of hills here in my area, it´s ridiculous and is not helping with the whole, my clothes are too big for me. 

Oh, oh! The other day I ate chicken feet! it´s my second time having them for a meal and I honestly don´t know what the purpose is of eating them or how to eat them for that matter. But guess what? People here eat them because they are "super healthy" and they eat them basically like popsicles. They just stick the foot in their mouths, so yeah...I did that. EW! you basically eat the skin and little bit of fat because that´s literally all there is. There´s no meat. You have to be careful with the bones, because they are so tiny and of course there are the nails of the toes...EW, EW, EW. Still not over that experience. 

Okay, love you guys lots! Keep emailing me! I love hearing from everyone! Sorry there aren´t any pictures, but I can´t get the USB port to work.

Seriously love you guys.

Hermana Enright

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