Tuesday, October 4, 2016

General conference and Plan of Salvation lesson (Amik Oct 3)

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The conference was the highlight of the week for us, but we did have some other good moments.  We had another lesson with our two investigators, Daniel and Vanessa, who we are shooting for baptism at the end of the month. They have been reading the Book of Mormon on their own and Vanessa actually read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet we had given them all the way through and said that she just felt that it was true.  So this last lesson was the Plan of Salvation and about following the prophet, due to General conference.
They also agreed to watch the women's and priesthood sessions of conference online since their schedule would not allow them to view the live broadcast.  We have another lesson with them on Tuesday.

Speaking of going to conference, we had a less active member that we found by the name of Dana attend the Saturday Morning session with one of our members. He seemed to be very  intently listening to the messages given and was happy he could be there.  We plan on having him meet with the Bishop soon to further determine how we should work with him.  Because he actually lives in an assisted living facility.  The story of how we found him is actually interesting because we saw that we had a former investigator that lived there.  When we went looking for him there, Dana waved and said "Hey Elders" so we of course went and talked with him.  We found out that he was a member and got his info and had the ward clerk look him up.  And the info was legit.  So he is now part of our ward.  

There were a few good talks, I am running out of time, but here are a few good notes of some of my favorite talks 

Sister Linda S. Reeves 
  •  The Christlike thing to do is to confess and repent of past transgressions 
Also Sister Reeves is our ward's bishop's mother in law 

This seventy was awesome, a very good talk 
Elder J. Cornish 
  • Will I really make to the celestial kingdom?
  • We torture ourselves needlessly, Gods opinion is the only one that matters,   Comparing myself to others is something that I still need to work on.  
  • We should not compare ourselves to others, only to what we were like before 
  • All the lord expects of us is to try, but you really need to try,  this kind of goes with Elder Hollands talk from last conference, that we get credit for just trying
  • What we can't  do is rationalize/rebel instead of repent 
  • If we really try and continue to repent, we will get to heaven

Anyway in closing, I am so grateful that we have living prophets today and for their counsel to us.  Also, the Plan of salvation that allows us to know why we are here.  And the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that as we heed it we will receive blessings for our diligent obedience.  Have a great week, good luck in work and school! 

Elder Enright

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