Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Stolen iPad, 20 mph winds, a good lesson, and General conference is here! (Amik Sept 26)

Not mine, Elder Labarg's 

Because of that I am going to have to keep this short so that he can email is Family from this IPad.  Anyhow, the story of how it got stolen starts with my front bike tire getting punctured.  This was because a few weeks ago, I don't know if I told you, but I ran over a screw which ruined my "bulletproof tire" so I replaced it with a non-slimed, slightly better than normal, tube.  So when a I got few very small holes we decided it would be better to slime it than to try and patch them.  So two days later, we had one whole day just on foot since the bike shop was closed and Walmart did not have slime. This made me really thankful for the bikes.  So we had a member pick us up in the middle of the week and we first went to Walmart and then the bike shop for slime,  which we got in the end. However as we were heading home, Elder Labarge realized his iPad was missing,  so we went back and checked where we were before, but yeah it was gone for good.  

Also, Tuesday night, when I had the punctured tire, was bad because I realized something was wrong with it on the way to the lesson with Daniel and Vanessa.   We could not be late.  We got there in time and had the lesson, we read the Book of Mormon with them and talked about what will have to happen for them to be baptized.  They totally read the Book of Mormon too!  

Also, the Santa Anna winds have started.  Yesterday we were biking in 20 mph wind and it should get even windier.  The wind is awesome, but it makes biking harder because the wind is just pushing you back.  Also, I can't believe that General conference is already here!!!  This is going to be awesome. 

-Elder Enright-

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