Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Transfers, Staying (Amik Sept 19)

This last week we got transfers and Elder Labarge and I are both staying in the area. The people I talked about last week, Daniel and Vanessa, we have set an appointment for them Tuesday night, we did have a lesson
last week, but it was canceled.  We also got a couple more potential investigators.  Also, we started cleaning up the area's area book and getting rid of all the listed potentials and former investigators that are not actually formers or potentials.  Also, since I am staying and had extra msf to spend I bought my ten pound bag of pan cake mix with chocolate chips.  I then got real maple syrup because of Elder Tagg, he is from Canada. The small thing of maple syrup was $18! Now I know why the real stuff was only for Mom and Dad.  But they give us enough
to meet our needs and to spare if we are wise in how we spend it. Fast food will just make the money go down the drain.   Anyway, the days have now started to get cooler and we got a cloudy day today, yesterday was 105 at one time however.  Also, funny story. The pictures I sent was of our last district meeting and Elder Nichols,
the tall Elder with black hair is going home, this Tuesday.  Just one minute before we left for that meeting I bent down to pick up a box and my suit pants ripped!! Right on the bottom on the seam. The  tear was nearly 3 inches long! So I had to quickly change into my other suit before we left.  We going to deliver them with a few ties to a member tonight to see if see if she can fix them.

Also, I have been doing studies and being in meetings, like church or district/zone meetings/conferences and the law of the harvest keeps coming up.  You reap what you sow and if you sow sparingly then you will reap sparingly.  Basically you get what you work for, not what you wish for.  I have seen this throughout my mission.  One of the things that this makes me want to do is study really hard when I get back.   I am
evening thinking of getting tutor for improving my spelling/English/penmanship when I am at BYU-I after my mission.

Have a great week!
-Elder Enright-

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