Monday, November 14, 2016

Pictures (Erin Oct 10 )

AH! okay, I have like no time left. But I wanted to send pictures...

Can you tell?? I´m getting tan! I might possibly have skin cancer on my head when I get back to teh states, but hey, at least I´m getting tan. 

 One of my favorite things here in Nana. SO MANY PRETTY FIELDS! who knew wheat was so pretty!?

 Found this beauty in the door of the chapel. Before any of you flip out, it was dead. But still wicked cool.

 4. My neighbors. Haven´t named them yet, but we also have to dogs that live nearby and their names are Toby and Olly. I´ll have to send pictures of them another time. Is it weird that I name all the animals? Nah

Me and my "hiji". She´s so teeny tiny!

Okay, love you all!

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