Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Being sick is NEVER fun. (Erin Nov 21)

Okay, so my wonderfully long stretch of not throwing up on the mission ended at 7 months and like....5 days. :( bummer. I was so psyched that just maybe I could make it home without throwing up at all, haha. Yeah we had intercambios the other day and in the morning I was not feeling so hot. I left with one of the sister leaders to her area and in the combi I started feeling way worse. I´m super glad I did not throw up in the combi full of like 15 people. Haha, can you imagine having to clean that up? gross. So yeah. I rested for a little while and then Hermana Orihuela woke me up so I could take a pill that she assured me would make me feel so much better. Yeah no about 15 minutes later. I felt super super horrible and threw up. Ugh. AND IT DID NOT MAKE ME FEEL ANY BETTER! (for all those people who assure me that sometimes throwing up is what your body needs to do). Puking makes me feel like a 5 year old again, when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry. Okay, but enough about that morbid subject. 

The sisters in Calpulalpan had a baptism last saturday and it was super wonderful. The girl that got baptized is named Naybith and her testimony that she shared was just super wonderful and then our mission leader had his handy laptop with him and played Mormon messages while we were waiting for her to change. I don´t know what it is about Mormon messages in the mission, but they are so wonderful and always make me cry, but happy tears. 

It continues to get super cold here in Nana. I sleep with three blankets and three layers of clothing and I still cannot sleep through the night because it is so darn cold. And then in the mornings if we don´t turn on the boiler early enough, we don´t have super warm water. The other morning I was basically crying in the shower, praying that the water would get warmer and that I wouldn´t turn into a popsicle. burr. Oh the joys of the mission :)

Our investigator that has been progressing the fastest ended up working all week in different parts of Mexico so we literally haven´t seen him in a week. AH. I hope he´s still reading the Book of Mormon. 

um....We played futbol and basketball with some of the young men today. I´m super tired because even though I love playing futbol, when I do it only once in a blue moon, it makes it hard to not feel completely wiped out afterwards.

Welp. There´s not much else. I have three weeks left of training Hermana Orellana and sometimes I feel completely inadequate for this assignment, but I know that we´re companions for a reason and that every opportunity here is given from God to progress and help others. I honestly love my mission and love Mexico. Someone asked me what I´m going to do when I get home and I honestly want to just come back to Mexico, haha.

Miss you all and love you with all my heart. 

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