Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ch ch ch ch changes (Erin Dec 12)

Okay, so, there have been some rather major changes for me. So, Today we had cambios, but lets go back to about wednesday when the leaders call you if the area´s gonna close or at least one is going to train. All the members in our ward knew we were waiting to hear if we were going to have cambios or not, so ALL day long we kept having to tell people that, no, we don´t have a clue yet. And then the leaders never called on Wednesday, so we knew that at least one of us was going to stay, if not both (Which techinically was my wish, but we´ll get to that.) So then Friday arrived, and we weren´t expecting anyone to call us because the leaders don´t call the rest of the missionaries that have cambios until Saturday. But hey, President Nelson called me Friday night and asked me if I would accept the assignment to be hermana lider. And of course I accepted, even though my heart literally broke (because I would have to leave Nana!). Anywho, so we knew Friday night that I was going to leave and Hermana Orellana would stay in Nana, but we didn´t know where I was going or who our companions would be. AND we didn´t find out until yesterday at like 4pm. So, yeah, that was kind of a long explanation, but I´m back in Puebla now, basically in the backyard of my first area, it´s super weird. My new companion is Hermana Ortiz, She´s from guatemala. 

So...yeah. Weird, but we took lots of pictures with everyone on Sunday, so I´ll send some. 

What else....Last night Hermana Bere and Hermano Armando made hamburgers for us, which were super amazing and had pineapple, YUM. I only cried a few times...ha. Seriously, I can remember my first week in Nana, thinking "what the heck I´m I doing here?" We didn´t  have anything (seriously, no materials no directions, no carpeta de area) or anyone to teach. But yeah, thanks to the members, it was really easy to fall in love with the ward and the area. How I am going to miss everyone. Seriously, I´m going to miss everything about that place. Even the trash truck guy who would always yell out " Hola Guerita!" every darn time we passed by. 

Oh yeah, funny story. So the church computer system stopped working in the chapel the other week and the bishop asked if I could help them because the people in tech support on sundays only spoke english. So on sunday I called this place for them and it was SUPER HARD to form complete sentences in english, the bishop´s son was laughing at me. 

Okay, pictures!
 We bought Christmas hats for an ward activity, that will happen when I´m not there, but hey, I´m not bitter about that. 
 Our last correlation meeting with Hermano Moroni. I love having two sets of misionaries in the same ward. 

 Me and Familia Hndz Bustillo. Hermano Armando, Hermana Bere and their kids, Santi, Tommy and Mosiah.

 Bishop Lara, Me, Hermana Juanita, Santi, Hermano Moroni, Hermana Bere, MOsi, Hermano Armando. 

Me and the bishop´s daughter, Rebe. She´s awesome.

Okay, that´s all for now, 
con cariƱo,
Hermana Enright

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