Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Video (Amik Nov 28)

Just so you know, Aislin is going to be in the MTC for 3 weeks not twelve days.  They changed that a few months ago.  Also, sounds like you guys, people, family had a great thanksgiving.  For thanksgiving we were allowed to have a two hour dinner appointment.  We had it with the other set of baseline elders at the Benson's house.  A family whose son just returned from his mission in  Mississippi this last may.  It was a pretty good meal.  Afterwards, we did the game where you unwrap a thing of plastic warp, without digging or tearing, and you get the
things that come out of it.  Meanwhile the person after you is rolling a pair of dice until he/she/it rolls doubles and then gets to try.  I got a Twix and a pez dispenser that I traded for a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks.   Elder LaBarge got some pieces of candy and a thing of ramen. 🙃 Afterwards I was talking with the Benson's four
year old niece where she guessed our ages, told us where we were from and our names.  I was 40,000 years old and from a place called Hot turkey land.  The other Elders were close in age to me. Elder LaBarge was from Frozen land, as in the movie with Olaf, Elder Tagg, the one from Canada, was from North Nevada.  I told her that and she stuck with it. The other Elder was from Turkey land. My name was King and teacher while two of the other Elders were students of mine.

Also, this week we actually got a new investigator.  We taught him the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to read it. Also, he is underage so we need to meet with his mom this next Saturday to see if he can continue to be taught. So that was sweet. 

Also, the Church came  out with the super cool Christmas Initiative this last Friday. So we have started showing that to a ton of people. Giving out cards and inviting them to look at the online advent calendar.  This Christmas is going to be great. Also, will you guys be able to send me a family history story.  Anyway have a great week!

-Elder Enright-

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