Friday, December 23, 2016

(Erin Dec 19)

Okay, so today has been super stressful. Last night we went to the mission home with all the sister leaders because we were all gonna help decorate one of the chapels for christmas today. So yeah that was super weird. The president lives in this super fancy expensive gated community, almost exactly like something in California. With palm trees and all. Really weird. SO yeah, we helped decorate for conferences that will start tomorrow and now we´re emailing super fast because we´re gonna go help our mission leader prep goody bags for the Christmas dinner on Thursday. AND then when we get back home we have to pack all our stuff because we´re gonna move to another house. yay. 

I can´t wait to see you all on Christmas. I can´t believe two of you will be married! I´m just a little jealous of the snow you guys have. There´s nothing here. Just a lot of sun and for some reason bug bites all over my arms. 

Oh yeah. I got your package!!!!!! About 3 or 4 days ago and totally opened it because I just couldn´t wait. Thanks so much for everything! Seriously, things like post-it notes and socks are in short supply here and I always seem to need them.

I´m actually super super sad that I´m not in Nana for Christmas, because I really wanted you guys to meet Familia Lara and Familia Hernandez. They are so awesome and I seriously miss them, but hey, there´s not not much I can do about it.

Miss you all like crazy. I can´t believe this year is basically over, how weird.
Love you! See you SUNDAY!

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