Tuesday, December 13, 2016

(Erin Nov 14)

I´m still in shock that Donald Trump won... and people here are a little worried about what´s going to happen with jobs and all, especially since I know a lot of people here who have at least one family member working in the states. My hope is that they are all there legally, but I just know some of them aren´t. So weird. 

The house looks super nice and pretty and blue. Not at all a smurf house. Ronan and Liam look a lot older... that's weird. 

We had that super special conference, which really wasn´t that super special, two apostles and sister McConkie talked about keeping the commandments.  But the bishop rented a huge bus so we could pick up a bunch of members and all get to Tlaxcala, that was cool. One of our investigators, Julian, came with us. What a trooper. It was a long ride and I think he was a little overwhelmed with information, but that´s okay. One of the members that is preparing to go on a mission talked a lot to him, they´re pretty much best friends now, which is super awesome.  I don´t think I´ve ever been so excited to watch two guys exchange numbers, haha. 

Oh, interesting experience today. So, we met up with the sisters in Calpulalpan to play futbol, which was super awesome since I haven´t played in awhile. Anywho, on the way back we took the bus, but it was super full and I was basically hanging outside the door when the driver decided to close the door! OW. Nothing horrible, but he got my arm and bag for a minute there. oh the adventures here in Mexico.

Oh and Aislin is going to Brazil...or somewhere in Europe. 

Love you all lots. 

Here´s my new district

Oh hey, last monday we helped members make tamales. It was super fun and they are actually pretty easy to make. 

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