Monday, December 12, 2016

(Erin Nov 7)

Okay, okay, okay. So...nothing really new has happened. We still can´t get our investigators to come to church. We keep running out of material, which makes it hard to teach. But, hey, we´re improvising. Um...oh, yeah, next Sunday we get to go to the stake center and listen to the prophet! Ha, special conference for Mexico. Oh and I´m offically half way done with training, which is kind of nice and kind of scary because I´m just kind of making it up as I go along. 

I´m a little in shock that two of my siblings will be married by the end of the year, but hey, I´m sure I´ll survive. Just please send me pictures.

One of our investigators is seriously reading the Book of Mormon which makes me so happy and he has such random and crazy questions. One of my favorites though was how could Laman and Lemuel continue to be so bad after seeing an angel and after repenting. Pretty good question, no?

 I´ve been working really hard on reading Jesus the Christ and I am in love with it. One of the things I´ve thought a lot about this week is how completely voluntary Christ´s choice was to suffer and be crucified. There´s a story in the bible before everthing happens when Christ is with His apostles and they pass a fig tree. This tree has all it´s leaves as though it already has fruit, but when Christ goes to pick fruit from it He finds that there is none. So, He curses the tree and the next day when they pass the tree again, it´s dead. Christ has such power to give or destroy life and yet, when it came time for him to be crucified, he suffered everything in silence. I don´t think we can completely understand the love the Christ had for us without understanding how completely voluntary his suffering and death was. That at any moment he could have stopped everything, but because of what needed to be done, he suffered it all and for us no less.

Okay, well, that´s really all I can think of to write. I love you all so much and miss you.

Here are some pictures, because I know my past emails have been lacking. 

Yo, Hermana Orellana, Hermana Chavez, y Hermana Alvarez. Hermanas del barrio Calpulalpan

Back in skirts! I feel more like a missionary now, not gonna lie.

Last p-day
 A super cool and super old temple

Me and my companion, enjoying one of the colder night here. 

Me in a super cool tree.

Me and my companion with some member´s kids. Tommy, Mosiah (or Mosi), and Santiago. 

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