Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Erin (Oct 17)

Okay, this week I actually have time to write a decent email! Yay!

This was pretty crazy. We found 32 new investigators. 32! I kept thinking all week about my brothers email a few weeks ago about how they had finally found new investigators and how hard it is in California to find them. It´s interesting how completely different missions can be. Here we are not allowed to knock on a bunch of doors (tracting? I think that´s what it´s called). Here we contact in the streets. Unlike in the states, there are people everywhere here, walking around, selling things, playing with their kids in the park (okay the last one can be found in the states, but I feel like here in Mexico it happens more often). So yeah, we literally just walk up to people and start talking to them. At this point I´m pretty used to it. At first it was really weird, and then there was the whole standing up and talking to an entire bus full of people. And the surprising part is most of the time people are willing to listen to us, so we´ll just teach them right there in the street.

The hard part with our investigators is getting them to go to church. The chapel is not in Nana, it´s in Calpulalpan, about 40 minutes drive in combi. And yeah, we can´t pass by for 4 different families and then herd them like sheep to the combis, though, hey, if I could I would totally do that.  We´re working on getting the members to help us with lessons and getting investigators to church. Remember conference? Where there were like 2 or 3 talks directed specifically towards members and how they should be helping with missionary work? yeah, I plan on using those talks to guilt trip members into working with us, haha. But really, when you guys can help missionaries, help them, because investigators need friends who will be around longer than the missionaries. 

 Other than that slight problem of no progressing investigators, we mostly enjoy our time here in Nana. We found a clothes shop here that is basically goodwill, which is awesome because that means cheap new clothes and I am deathly bored of some the clothes I have. Especially considering none of it is warm clothes, and surprise, it gets super cold here in Mexico, who knew? What else....I love the members here. they are a lot fun. Especially the bishop´s family. We have lunch with members in his family 3 times a weeks and on Sundays they all eat together, so we end up eating with the whole family at their huge awesome table, which my family definitely needs. We´re working with one family of less actives who are awesome (they just don´t go to church all the time, but hey, step by step). We went over a few days ago to find a new puppy in their house and is the CUTEST THING EVER! And clean too, which is rare here, ha. I´ll attach a picture so you guys can adore him too!

Let´s see...slowly getting more tan...learning new Spanish words, practically every day, because guess what? In Spanish a single thing can have like 4 or 5 different words which all mean this thing. Yay. And then, depending on where a person lives, they can have a completely different word for it. But, hey, I love learning. 

Okay, so one of my favorite things here is the teenage guys that say random things in English when we walk by. Usually it´s "Hi", or sometimes it´s "good night" (at the wrong time of day I might add) or "see you later". it just cracks me up. I´m literally the only white person here, so people notice. But anywho, the other night we passed these two kids and they were all like "see you later" and then started giggling because they are oh so funny. So, yeah, I turned back around contacted them both and we taught them and then the next day went to visit one of them and ended up teaching his whole family. Booyah. 

Okay, love you all. I can´t believe that in a year I won´t be on the mission, but back at home. I strive constantly to do and be my best here, because this is my one chance to serve my mission. I can change completely if I let myself and I can honestly already see changes. This is the power of the gospel. When we sacrifice our time for the Lord, to teach and serve others, the Lord will change us into something better. I honestly can not figure out how it works, but I love it. I love serving others. I love teaching the gospel and watching it change lives. I love the people here in Mexico with all my heart. I honestly don´t know what I´m going to do when it is time to go home. These people are wonderful. This culture is incredible and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be here. 

Okay, bye for now!

Oh, pictures, of cute puppy. Again, SO CUTE.

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