Friday, December 16, 2016


I can´t believe it´s December. And it doesn´t help that there is no snow here and it´s like a 100 degrees. Okay, not really, but it´s been pretty hot. There are a lot of lights up on the houses and every store is selling Christmas stuff. Oh and occasionally I´ll hear Christmas music. But yeah, it´s a little weird. 

We don´t have a whole lot of progressing investigators, but we do have a lot of families that need to get married first thing, so we´re working on that. This is my last p-day in this cambio and I´m really not ready to leave this area. I want to work more here with the ward and our investigadores, but hey, it´s not my choice. I go where the Lord needs me right?? 

Let´s see...we watched the Chirstmas Devo yesterday and I bawled during Henry B Eyring´s talk. His whole story of doing the Nativity with his family made me miss home and all our crazy Nativities. Remember that one year when we got tired of always playing the same character, so we switched it up and the girls all played the boy´s parts and the boys played the girl´s parts? Ha. 

Anywho, I´m doing super awesome and over all I´m happy. How can you not be happy when serving other people and bringing others to Christ? It truly brings joy, even when there are difficult days.

I restarted the Book of Mormon. Our mission president asked to start over and read specifically to look for teachings of repentance and consequences of not repenting. One story I was reading yesterday is the story about Nephi when he kills Laban. I´ve had various investigadores have problems with this story and that God would command someone to be killed. It´s a little extreme, but a good example of the consequences of sin. Laban was given two other chances to change and choose to help rather than be a pain, but he chose not to, and the consequence was death. So yeah, that´s what I learned this week while reading the Book of Mormon. 

Hm...highlights. Today we went and helped Hermana Bere make carameled apples for her son´s birthday (there are pictures attached). It was a lot of fun and reminded me a lot of doing them at home...and then at work for like 4 years, haha. 

Yesterday I totally ate a grasshopper, actually 2. They aren´t bad, haha, especially dipped in Valentina. 


Not a whole lot else happened this week that I remember, but honestly the days run together.

Miss you all and love you guys tons! My mission leader told me that guardians of the galaxy 2 is coming out soon, seriously?? Crazy. It´s weird not knowing anything about the rest of the world. 

Okay, pictures.  

Love you guys!

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