Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy wedding(s) and merry Christmas (Amik Dec 19)

Sounds like you guys are being busy with all the weddings and stuff.  Anyway, Merry Christmas!! I got the package and will open it Christmas morning.  Planning on that at least unless you want otherwise.  By the way, Bayley and Dion Congratulations.   We got transfers done Wednesday. So now I am with Elder Everson originally from Australia. I tried some Vegemite this morning.  It is really strong and I will stick to my peanut butter.  We now acquired some of the other Baseline elders' area, the elders who left, so I have been trying to learn the area and get Elder Everson familiar with the area too.  Also, this is Elder Everson's first bike area and it is the first time it has rained in months, he tore two pairs of pants, and he has already crashed once. So this has been an interesting week for the pair of us.  It has been worse for Bob, however.  Also, I got a few pictures.

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