Friday, December 16, 2016

Moving a lady not much time (Amik Dec 5)

Hey Family! I will not have much time to write because we have to help a lady  move stuff from one storage unit to another before it closes tonight at 5:45 and she loses everything and now we are waiting on the truck.  Also, this last Friday we got the Santa Ana winds,  they were nearly 26 mph with faster gusts.  Biking was fun.  I made it nearly the whole day without crashing until the very end.  I was going down a road right near our apartment, almost home, and made a turn that was a bit sharp and there was a  sudden gust of wind and I shot off my bike and hit the ground and rolled a few times in the garden dirt that I landed on.  It was kind of fun and yet painful at the same time.  Anyway, we also have been able to start helping at the local community church's food warehouse.  If it all goes well we will be helping there four days a week.  Also, we were asked to be the witnesses for the baptism a child of record.  We actually played a bigger part than we thought,  they had us bear our testimonies and be part of the confirmation.  Also, isn't the Christmas Initiative cool! Also, we had our ward Christmas party and we had a good one. We as a ward watched the nativity video with Peter Hollens and Alex Boye as well as the Christmas Initiative video for this year and two years ago, He is the Gift.  Anyhow I am out of time  and need to go help this lady.  Have a great week! 

-Elder Enright-

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