Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sweet costumes and guesses on where Aislin is going (Amik Nov 14)

Those were some sweet costumes! Am I right in assuming that Noah is supposed to be the blue lego man on Ronan?  Also, as for where Aislin is going on her mission the guesses are: 

Elder Tagg, the Canadian, says Antarctica
Elder Myers, Redhead Utah boy, says Scotland 
Elder LaBarge, says Spain 
And I say Germany 

Also, this week has been kind of slow.  Nearly everyone was just focused on the election For the most part.  But, hey I heard that a lot of people are heading north for Canada 🇨🇦. Or trying to at least.   Also, I guess this can be seen the fulfillment of scripture.   

Doctrine and covenants 43:18 For the day cometh that the Lord shall utter his voice out of heaven; the heavens shall shake and the earth shall tremble, and the trump of God shall sound both long and loud, and shall say to the sleeping nations: Ye saints arise and live; ye sinners stay and sleep until I shall call again.


Doctrine and covenants 88:99 And after this another angel shall sound, which is the second trump; and then cometh the redemption of those who are Christ’s at his coming; who have received their part in that prison which is prepared for them, that they might receive the gospel, and be judged according to men in the flesh.

Just search Trump in the scriptures and you get a ton of these things 

Also, another thing we have been doing this week is trying to get more service.  So we actually called this big local community church and asked if they needed volunteer work.  They said yes, but we had to do an orientation.  So we did that and filled out a lot of paper work.  And they said they would call us if we were able to volunteer for them.  They have not called us yet, so we are calling them tomorrow.  Also, Saturday we were going to do a big service project.  They were not expecting a lot of people to show up, so they asked us if we could go and we said "sure!" The bike ride was a half hour.  But when we got there they were pretty much already done.  A lot more people showed up than expected.  There was a possum there.

Have a great week!  The house looks sweet by the way.

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