Thursday, December 22, 2016

Transfers (Amik Dec 12)

It is going to be awesome.  I am staying in the area.  Elder LaBarge is going to loma Linda in the mountain view ward.  Elder Tagg is going to Yucaipa and Elder Meirs is going home to West valley.  The apartment is going to back to being a two man.  I am going to be companions with an Elder Everson.  He lived in the USA for about two
years before he left for his mission in January 2016.  However, before that he lived in Australia and has a sweet Australian accent.  So we are going to combine the areas that were covered by us and the area that was covered by the other Elders.  Also, this Wednesday is packed with stuff, mostly service, a great way to begin a transfer with a new companion.  The thing we are going to do is a Christmas toy drive that we will be helping out with both Wednesday and Thursday.  Also, we did that same thing this last week.  We went to a place called Santa Claus
inc on Thursday and helped people collect some stuff for their kids. It was a few cities over so we had to get a ride.  I also was pretty sick Saturday, but now I feel better.  Anyway, I hope the wedding goes great. Have a great week!!!

-Elder Enright-

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