Sunday, January 22, 2017

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr day! (Amik Jan 16)

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time at Disneyland, sorry it rained.  But at least you got to go on splash mountain.  And hyperspace mountain and big thunder mountain rail road.  I am going to be waiting at least another two years before that happens.  

Anyway we had interviews this week, they went great.  We were kind of lucky because it was raining all day, literally without stop and yet we barely got wet because everything we had to do then was inside.  Also, during interviews I was told that I was definitely leaving this area next week, transfers, so I don't know where I am going, but I do know that I am for sure moving into my 5th area.  This might be my last area, but I doubt it. I will probably have a sixth area and even possibly a seventh but that is doubtful.  Anyway, we had clear skies today so we woke up at 6:00 to be ready to play soccer (the actual football).  We had nearly all the elders from the Rialto and Fontana zones.  A lot of new faces were there while old faces are gone or about to leave.  Elder Fuller, my district leader from my second transfer, is going home next week and he currently is the oldest missionary in the mission.  In Mission time that is. We got some pictures from zone meeting, which we also had this last week.  

Anyway, we were going to have a lesson this Friday with the family I told you about last time. But they want to hold off a bit so that they could over a few of their trials. So Elder Everson and his new companion will try them again sometime next transfer.  
Have a good week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Erin Jan 16

Wow, so, real quick. 

second to last p-day in this cambio, woohoo! Also on the 13th I officially completed half my mission. A little more I think because according to the oh so nicely done countdown calendar in the offices I will go home on the 9th of October. So yeah i offically have less time left in the mission than I have completed. How weird. I got pretty sick yesterday. No throwing up but I got I super bad headache that made my neck hurt and I got kind of dizzy, so I slept all afternoon and then today we went to the city center, where we got Momias, which is really just a fancy corndog, wrapped in bacon. 

Oh yeah and also my companion got super sick earlier this week so we´ve been doing changes with members and other sisters all week to try and get something completed in our area. We are working with a family that is pretty awesome. Two of the daughters are baptized and the mom really wants to get baptized, but has to get married first. Hopefully they will just get married and can get baptized soon. 

Currenty I´m dying of thirst and need to go buy something. That´s probably part of the reason I feel so horrible. I really should be drinking more water. 

Love you all lots. We have interviews with the mission president on wednesday and to prepare we all read the talk What Lack I Yet?, which I love. I have really learned a lot about humility recently and how much we really need divine direction if we are going to succeed In this life. 

I love you all. I can´t believe it´s already half way though January. 
Bye for now!
Hna Enright

Now a happy new year (Amik Jan 9)

I am feeling much better now.  There was no puking Sunday morning and it was a nice normal Sunday.  Also, we have now got a hold of a very nice family that we are going to start teaching.  The way we found them is kind of cool. It all started like two months ago. Elder LaBarge and I were actually tracting and we got in contact with a lady that said we could come by Friday.  So the sister missionaries dropped by then and apparently had a great lesson because they started to teach her for a few weeks.  However, this lady in the end was not interested, but during one of their visits, either before or after a lesson, they contacted one of the neighbors who was very distressed. The sisters then shared a bit about the gospel and invited them to the Christmas party, on December 3rd. They came and had a very good time and then went to church the very next day.  The gospel principles lesson was going to be about the second coming/millennium.  But since they came and the teacher was at home with a sick kid, we changed it. The sisters with help from both sets of elders taught the Restoration
for gospel principles. Anyway since then, the sisters have had a hard time contacting them or meeting with them because the mother got a job for UPS and started working about 80 hours a week, "tis the Christmas season", and the sisters handed them over to us.  So we are going to be meeting with them this coming Friday and go over the Book of Mormon.   We will also go over the Restoration again since it has been a while since that Sunday lesson and the topic kept switching to why people think we are a cult and stuff.  

Anyway, enjoy Disneyland and anymore puking that happens.  Aislin's mission will come soon! 

Have an awesome time/week at Disneyland

-Elder Enright-

Erin Jan 9

Okay I don´t have a whole heck of a lot time and I really haven´t read all your emails, but just in case there´s anything on the news about Mexico, we´re all fine. There were a bunch of people robbing the big stores a few days ago and stuff like that so on Friday we stayed in the house all day and for the past few days we´ve only been working in the mornings and part of the afternoon. I think everythings fine, but I just thought I should let you guys know that...I don´t know what exactly happened, but yeah. Don´t freak out or anything. 

um...there´s not much else to say, it´s been a super weird week, but we have cambios in 3 weeks, yay!
Enjoy Disneyland, I´m trying not be super jealous

Love you guys lots!

Erin Jan 2

Okay, so this is going to be mostly fotos, because I don´t really have a lot to say or a whole lot of time. 

Her name is Tania and she was definitely prepared for the gospel. She accepted things so fast. Before I was here, my companion mentioned to her that we don´t drink coffee, it wasn´t a lesson she just mentioned it, but the next day Tania quit drinking coffee because she felt that there was a reason behind why we shouldn´t drink it and decided that she didn´t want to drink it anymore. 

 Me and Hermana Alvarez. Seriously one of my favorite people. I love her. We shared a barrio in Calpulalpan together and now I´m here sister training leader. 

Elder Perez, me, Hermana Sullivan and Hermana Eastman. The sisters were my companions in the CCM and now I´m their sister training leader. I love them both to death. 

Tania´s baptism.

 Me and my companion with the president and his wife for the Christmas conference.

 A Dr. Seuss Christmas tree I found a few days ago :)

Okay, love you all lots!

Happy New Year (Amik Jan 2)

Sounds like you guys have had a great holiday and weddings and field trip.  Anyway, we were able to go to the temple this last Wednesday.  The pictures are currently on some other Elders IPad so I will have to get those before I can share them.  Also, I don't know if I have told you, but Sister Linda Reeves of the General Relief society presidency is our Bishop's mother-in-law.  And! She was at church yesterday with us. It turns out that Elder Everson actually meet her about a few years ago in 2012 in Australia.  And she remembered him, partly because he is related to the  Callisters.  Also, I have been pretty darn sick these last few days, particularly Sunday and Thursday.  I started out the new year by puking right after I woke up.  There was some lying down and groaning knowing that I felt like I was about to puke.  So I lied down next to the bathroom for a bit before I puked.  So that is really all that happened this week.

Elder Enright

Thursday, January 5, 2017

(Erin Dec 26)

AH! I have like no time. It was awesome to see you all and hear about half of what you all said. And to finally meet Dion. Who oddly reminds me of cousin Jake. Ha. And to see Harmo too, but I´ve already kind of met her. (On Christmas we got to Skype with Erin and Amik and on that Skype call they met their new Brother-in-law and Sister in-law as 2 of their sibling were each married just before Christmas)

Also your pictures are incredible and I love you and miss you all so much. And there is really not much more to say. This week has been super hard for me, with cambios and with all the new responsibilities and not having anyone to teach because literally no one is in the city for Christmas. But hey, it´s my only Christmas in the mission, thank goodness. 

Love you all so much! 

Happy New year! (Amik Dec 26)

Well it was nice to see you guys Yesterday! (we got to Skype on Christmas Day). And happy boxing holiday.  Also Elder Everson says that it is a national holiday that everyone has off in Australia. Anyway, we have been kind of all over the place trying to get lessons organized with people and actually meet people that we have been trying to contact, also we are pretty sure that Elder Everson has strep throat that has been going on for awhile.  We are trying to clear that up with help from the mission nurse.  Also, I forgot to mention yesterday, but our zone is going to the temple this Wednesday morning.  So our preparation day ends at 2:00 this week.  So have a happy new year.See you next year!

-Elder Enright-