Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Erin Jan 16

Wow, so, real quick. 

second to last p-day in this cambio, woohoo! Also on the 13th I officially completed half my mission. A little more I think because according to the oh so nicely done countdown calendar in the offices I will go home on the 9th of October. So yeah i offically have less time left in the mission than I have completed. How weird. I got pretty sick yesterday. No throwing up but I got I super bad headache that made my neck hurt and I got kind of dizzy, so I slept all afternoon and then today we went to the city center, where we got Momias, which is really just a fancy corndog, wrapped in bacon. 

Oh yeah and also my companion got super sick earlier this week so we´ve been doing changes with members and other sisters all week to try and get something completed in our area. We are working with a family that is pretty awesome. Two of the daughters are baptized and the mom really wants to get baptized, but has to get married first. Hopefully they will just get married and can get baptized soon. 

Currenty I´m dying of thirst and need to go buy something. That´s probably part of the reason I feel so horrible. I really should be drinking more water. 

Love you all lots. We have interviews with the mission president on wednesday and to prepare we all read the talk What Lack I Yet?, which I love. I have really learned a lot about humility recently and how much we really need divine direction if we are going to succeed In this life. 

I love you all. I can´t believe it´s already half way though January. 
Bye for now!
Hna Enright

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