Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Erin Jan 2

Okay, so this is going to be mostly fotos, because I don´t really have a lot to say or a whole lot of time. 

Her name is Tania and she was definitely prepared for the gospel. She accepted things so fast. Before I was here, my companion mentioned to her that we don´t drink coffee, it wasn´t a lesson she just mentioned it, but the next day Tania quit drinking coffee because she felt that there was a reason behind why we shouldn´t drink it and decided that she didn´t want to drink it anymore. 

 Me and Hermana Alvarez. Seriously one of my favorite people. I love her. We shared a barrio in Calpulalpan together and now I´m here sister training leader. 

Elder Perez, me, Hermana Sullivan and Hermana Eastman. The sisters were my companions in the CCM and now I´m their sister training leader. I love them both to death. 

Tania´s baptism.

 Me and my companion with the president and his wife for the Christmas conference.

 A Dr. Seuss Christmas tree I found a few days ago :)

Okay, love you all lots!

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