Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Erin Jan 9

Okay I don´t have a whole heck of a lot time and I really haven´t read all your emails, but just in case there´s anything on the news about Mexico, we´re all fine. There were a bunch of people robbing the big stores a few days ago and stuff like that so on Friday we stayed in the house all day and for the past few days we´ve only been working in the mornings and part of the afternoon. I think everythings fine, but I just thought I should let you guys know that...I don´t know what exactly happened, but yeah. Don´t freak out or anything. 

um...there´s not much else to say, it´s been a super weird week, but we have cambios in 3 weeks, yay!
Enjoy Disneyland, I´m trying not be super jealous

Love you guys lots!

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