Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Now a happy new year (Amik Jan 9)

I am feeling much better now.  There was no puking Sunday morning and it was a nice normal Sunday.  Also, we have now got a hold of a very nice family that we are going to start teaching.  The way we found them is kind of cool. It all started like two months ago. Elder LaBarge and I were actually tracting and we got in contact with a lady that said we could come by Friday.  So the sister missionaries dropped by then and apparently had a great lesson because they started to teach her for a few weeks.  However, this lady in the end was not interested, but during one of their visits, either before or after a lesson, they contacted one of the neighbors who was very distressed. The sisters then shared a bit about the gospel and invited them to the Christmas party, on December 3rd. They came and had a very good time and then went to church the very next day.  The gospel principles lesson was going to be about the second coming/millennium.  But since they came and the teacher was at home with a sick kid, we changed it. The sisters with help from both sets of elders taught the Restoration
for gospel principles. Anyway since then, the sisters have had a hard time contacting them or meeting with them because the mother got a job for UPS and started working about 80 hours a week, "tis the Christmas season", and the sisters handed them over to us.  So we are going to be meeting with them this coming Friday and go over the Book of Mormon.   We will also go over the Restoration again since it has been a while since that Sunday lesson and the topic kept switching to why people think we are a cult and stuff.  

Anyway, enjoy Disneyland and anymore puking that happens.  Aislin's mission will come soon! 

Have an awesome time/week at Disneyland

-Elder Enright-

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