Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CAMBIOS! YAY! (Jan 30 Erin)

OKay, so Amik kind of informed you guys already of the changes for missionaries. I`m still not really sure how, but we will only be reporting on baptisms and confirmations, new investigators, investigadores that went to church, and baptism dates. We used to report on 9 different things, which will take too long to write, but ask one of those ex-missionaries in our family. It`s kind of weird. The schedule for missioanries will change too, but not a whole bunch, it will just be more flexible. We kind of already do that here, because there are some places that are more dangerous at night, so we end up doing studies then. 

We had changes today and I am now in La Paz with Hermana Burgos, my old sister training leader. We`re close to the offices and I think in the same district as the office secretaries. Should be fun. Here it`s kind of in the center of the city, so there is everything. Tomorrow when we get money we`re going to go get food at Walmart, yeah, walmart.-It`s gonna be super weird. Here we`re living with anoth companionship and another companionship of hermana lideres live across the street, one of them being my trainer. That`s also super weird. 

Let`s see....we had stake conference and I got to see literally everyone from my first ward here, which was pretty cool. camera got dropped the other day when my companion had it and another hermana accidently slapped it out of her hand. It still works, just has cracks where you can view the photos. I`m hoping it will continue to function for 8 more months.

Can`t believe it`s basically February. 

Yeah that`s pretty much for pictures!!! Because I know how much you all miss my face.

We went and rode la Estrella de Puebla today. pretty cool.

 Puebla, so gorgeous.

Hermana Elia. SHe`s so sweet and so hilarious

 I only met this kid twice, but he reminds me so much of Liam and I just love him and his adorable voice. 

 My district the last cambio. Elder hart, Elder Voci, Elder Chamale (seriously the kid from UP), Elder Balam, Hermana Ortiz, and me!

Hermana eastman, me, and Hermana Vargas. 

 Me, Tania our conversa, and Hermana Ortiz

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